How To Avoid Creating A ‘Skin Sandwich’ With Your Outfit According To This Luxury Clothing Brand Founder

Amy Smilovic is the founder of the luxury clothing brand Tibi and a self-proclaimed “creative pragmatist.” She enjoys finding balance in her style choices, playing with originality and functionality. She describes her style as chill, modern, and classic.

You can find her on social media doing what she does best—giving cool, easy, and often effortless-looking styling tips.

Recently she posted a video about how to avoid a somewhat controversial topic—the “skin sandwich.” You may ask (as I did), what the heck is a skin sandwich?! Well, it gets a bit technical, so buckle up!

What’s A Skin Sandwich?

Do you ever feel weird about your look and you’re not sure why? Smilovic has a reason you may have never thought of. She starts the reel by saying, “Skin sandwiches are one of the most hotly debated items in my Instagram feed. I’m gonna give you some more clarification on when you’ve got a sandwich and when you don’t. Okay?”

Basically, a skin sandwich is created when two straight lines “sandwich” a narrow strip of your skin. Think about wearing a pencil skirt with a straight hem and boots that almost meet the skirt—but not quite. That little piece of skin makes the skin sandwich.

A pleated skirt, a skirt cut diagonally, cowboy-style boots, or anything that doesn’t make a straight line, even if the skin is showing, would not be considered a skin sandwich. 

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You can also get a skin sandwich with jeans and booties when that small section of skin above your ankle shows. Smilovic also says, “Jeans that sausage you tend to be big sandwich makers.”

Let’s break that down a little.


Honestly, why this topic is the most often debated in my feeds, I’ve yet to figure out. I think it is just the utter fear that this could happen has many on edge. Regardless, the fear is real- but the fixes are even realer. Ok? And as always, if you think skin sandwich’s are bullshit, and you love yourself a good sliver of skin, then go for it. This isn’t about “good” or “bad” style, it’s about identifying when you felt off, or even like shit, in your look but couldn’t identify the culprit. And in this case, its that piece of meat – right there- wedged between the hemline of your pant or skirt and the top of your boot. [email protected] #skinsandwich

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When your jeans “sausage” you it means that your jeans are super tight, but the fix is simple. Wearing jeans that have a looser fit has less of a “sandwich vibe,” Smilovic says. Another fix is to wear socks that either match your shoes or contrasting colored socks that are interesting enough to break up the two parallel lines.

Smilovic ends the reel with some sage advice: “Skin sandwiches are like anything in life. If you don’t feel like you have a problem then you don’t need to fix the problem. Okay?”

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