Howie the Crab Still Hasn’t Molted But TikTokers Haven’t Given Up Hope!

Howie the crab has captured many hearts during her time on social media. The little rainbow crab who often wears hats and enjoys specific snacks and walks is having trouble molting and many are completely invested in her story. Howie’s mom has kept her fans in-the-know every step of the way with updates on TikTok and Instagram. The most recent update was shared on Instagram a few hours ago, and has her fans concerned.

Howie The Crab Is Having Trouble Molting Due To Old Age

Howie the Crab
Howie the Crab – Instagram

The day 23 update reads, “Howie is still okay. Her shell is definitely getting more pale but she’s holding on.” The molting process for the older crab began in late October. Howie’s mom shared some information about the process and her concerns on TikTok. “I search the city for golden beets, one of Howie’s favorite vegetables. She’s didn’t eat it. I know it’s been coming for a while but I’m sure now that she’s starting her molt,” the caption began. “She’s very old and it’s dangerous for her. When old crabs die, it’s usually from being unable to molt or getting stuck during the molt.” She also warned Howie’s loyal fans that it was going to be a “long road.”

One of Howie’s fans had a question about the most recent update asking, “Is pale a good thing? Meaning the molt is coming?? 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻,” to which Howie’s mom replied, “it can be.” Many fans dropped into the comment section of the post to leave words of encouragement for Howie during this tough time. “We love you howie please let us wake up tomorrow to you molting!,” one person wrote. Another added, “Come on, Howie!! Give us a Christmas Miracle 💜”

Many Of Howie’s Fans Created Videos On TikTok

Howie’s fans are staying hopeful that the little crab is able to successfully molt soon and continue sharing her exciting life with everyone online. Many of her fans have taken to creating their own videos in honor of the sweet hat-wearing crab.

@pmmzzy We’re pulling for you, Howie!!! Go follow @Howie’s Mom for updates on her molt 😍 #wholesometiktok #animals #animalsoftiktok #pets #petsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Pmmzzzy

TikToker pmmzzy shared a video for Howie a few days ago. The video is captioned, “We’re pulling for you, Howie!!! Go follow @Howie’s Mom for updates on her molt 😍” One follower sadly wrote in the comments, “We just lost Noodle. We can’t lose Howie now!!!” Another follower said, “Haven’t seen an update yet today and I’m getting so worried.” 

Another TikToker, thebasicmeg, also posted a video for Howie sharing her feelings on Howie’s molting situation. Many of her followers left comments about how they are feeling about Howie as well. “I’m invested in Howie,” one follower wrote to which the video’s creator replied, “I think the whole TikTok world is right now. She’s gotta make it.”

@thebasicmeg #howiethecrab #howie #fyp #moltwatch #sadtok ♬ Sad Music – Max-Music

Day 23 And Howie Still Hasn’t Molted

Howie the Crab
Howie the Crab – Instagram

Howie’s mom’s most recent TikTok update shows her trying to distract herself a bit during this tough time, as well as update all of Howie’s anxiously waiting fans. The video captioned, “I was hoping Howie would molt when I was out last night, but she still hasn’t molted yet 😓 She’s still very cranky but acting okay. I enjoyed hanging out with Poe the Frenchie.”

Many of Howie’s fans wrote about Noodle, the “bones” or “no bones” TikTok famous pug who died a few days ago, breaking hearts all over the app. Some animal lovers on the app expressed their feelings about not being able to lose another beloved TikTok animal. “I just saw noodles passed. We need Howie to molt ❤️,” one follower wrote. Howie’s mom replied, “😭 I’m so sad about Noodle”

Howie the Crab
Howie the Crab – Instagram

When asked in the comments by one follower, “what are you going to do if she passes on?,” Howie’s mom responded, “I’ll be devastated forever but I’ll keep loving all my other animals. If people stop following me, that’s okay.”

Howie’s mom, along with all the crab’s fans, continue to anxiously wait and watch to see what happens next. Today is day 23, and while many are hopeful and staying positive, the fear that the sweet rainbow crab will not be able to molt lingers.

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