I Can Finally Read Into The Night And Not Disturb My Partner With This Clever Device

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If you love to read, then you know the struggle of wanting to finish just one more chapter before you turn out the lights. And there are benefits to reading before bed, especially as an alternative to staring at a screen, whether it be the television, phone, or tablet.

Reading a book before bed can help reduce stress and in turn, help you get a better night’s sleep. But to reap the benefits, you have to remember to actually go to sleep. Avid readers have probably got into this predicament more than once. Here’s your reminder: don’t stay up reading for too long.

However, if you have a partner who doesn’t particularly want the lights on late into the night, you might come to an impasse. You could hide under the covers with a flashlight and hope they don’t notice, but, spoiler alert, they’ll notice. Even reading lights made for this issue can be flimsy and difficult to maneuver. 

Enter the Vont Neck Reading Light, a clever device that will solve all your late-night reading woes. This one-of-a-kind reading light has a high rating on Amazon, for good reason.

The Vont Neck Reading Light is the perfect solution for your before-bed reading experience, especially so you don’t disturb your partner while you read to your heart’s content. The Vont Neck Reading Light wraps around your neck and has flexible arms to adjust to your needs. The LED lights are eye-friendly, and there are three brightness settings. Plus, there are three color tones that can be adjusted for different activities.

Yep, you can use your “reading light” for much more than just reading! The cool setting is great for working on projects in the garage, the natural setting will illuminate the area while you sew or craft, and the warm setting is perfect for reading into the night. The rechargeable battery has an 80-hour battery life, so you won’t run out in a single sitting.

One Amazon reviewer stated, “This light is an ingenious design that fits comfortably over your neck with adjustable light sources at the ends. It is perfect for no or low light areas to light up the pages you are reading or the object you may be working on. Adjustable light intensities and recharging ability makes this a perfect reading and working light source.”

With a lifetime warranty and 24/7 customer care, what’s there to lose? The Vont Neck Reading Light is the perfect solution for any bookworm who just has to finish that last page before bed.

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