I Put These Supportive Sandals To The Test, And They Delivered

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My shoes have a lot to live up to. Not only am I heavy-footed, but I also lead a busy lifestyle that keeps me moving and on my feet for hours on end. Moreover, I have high arches, wide feet, and dry heels that can make warm-weather shoes particularly uncomfortable.

Consequently, I end up wearing my go-to pair of boots year-round—even in the dog days of summer. Yes, it’s as hot as it sounds, but that all changed after I found KURU Footwear. 

So long, boots. Now I’m enjoying (read: tolerating) the hottest part of the year in breezy, durable, and supportive sandals.

KURU Kicks Competition To The Curb

Before finding out about KURU, I used to cycle through multiple pairs of cheap Walmart sandals every summer. I’d wear them for about one season until they started falling apart, and I’d suffer through the pain because I assumed that’s just what sandals were supposed to feel like. 

However, KURU would disagree with that assumption. This Utah-based shoe brand was developed with endless comfort in mind. Our feet are the foundation of everything we do, and KURU seeks to acknowledge and honor that fact. 

Using innovative technology and creativity, KURU designs shoes that are strong, supportive, and stylish enough to carry you through every adventure. I recently put its GLIDE Sandal to the test—and as I said, it’s not an easy one—and they delivered above and beyond my expectations.

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Finding My Right KURUs

Two things caught my eye with KURU: the size of their catalog and the ease with which you can narrow it down. KURU has countless styles, from closed-toe sneakers and flats to strappy sandals. While it might seem overwhelming at first, KURU allows you to narrow your search by specific foot problems. 

Whether you have wide feet, high arches, heel spurs, or bunions, KURU has a shoe designed specifically to alleviate pain and discomfort related to these problems. In fact, there is a section to shop for shoes for your specific foot care needs. Despite shopping online and not being able to try them on, this feature helped assure me that I was making the right selection.

I selected the GLIDE, a versatile sandal with an ankle and toe strap, sheepskin-wrapped footbed, and top-grain leather. It also features KURU’s signature KURUCloud and KURUSole (more on those later).

Putting My KURUs To The Test

As I mentioned earlier, I’m pretty busy throughout the day. One of my jobs involves standing for hours on end, loading heavy equipment, and walking uneven terrain. Most of the time, this takes place outdoors. 

With my KURU GLIDE sandals, all of these tasks were a breeze. Thanks to the supportive ankle and toe straps, I could walk on uneven grass and dirt with confidence. Additionally, I didn’t notice any discomfort after standing for hours in the heat—as much as I love my go-to boots, I can’t say the same about them. 

I tried my GLIDE sandals off the clock, too. At a recent family event, I spent most of the day chasing around a toddler through splash parks, playgrounds, and lots of asphalt. My GLIDEs handled the terrain beautifully, and when they got wet from playing poolside, they dried out quickly.

And while I don’t necessarily buy shoes for the compliments, I will say that I got a lot of them while wearing my GLIDEs. My mom, sister, and friends all loved them. My mom even tried them on and immediately asked me where she could get a pair. 

It’s no happy accident that my KURU shoes feel like walking on clouds. It’s science.

The Magic, Er, Science Behind KURU

KURUSOLE diagram of how their shoes support the heel of the foot.

KURU equips its sandals with patented KURUCLOUD midsole cushions and KURUSOLEs. Both are made out of lightweight EVA foam. The midsole cushions absorb shock, while the soles dynamically flex with each step to hug and protect the heel.

This was especially beneficial for my dry heels, which crack if I put too much pressure on them for too long. Rather than my heels squishing down onto my shoes as I walked, the soles of my GLIDE sandals moved with me. Paired with ample arch support, my GLIDE sandals were ridiculously comfortable.

Sure, these sandals are a bit pricier than my usual $5 finds, but they’re also considerably higher quality, far more comfortable, and more durable—well worth the investment, in my opinion.

Start Rocking Your KURUs Today

The GLIDE sandal is one of many warm-weather options available on KURU’s website. I chose the Walnut Brown because I’m a sucker for earth tones, but these stylish sandals are also available in classic black and metallic taupe. 

In addition to the GLIDE sandals, KURU offers sneakers, backless flats and mules, water shoes, and boots. From outdoor adventures to weekend errands, there is sure to be a style to fit your daily life.  

I plan on wearing my KURU sandals well into the fall, as it stays relatively warm through October where I live. But once the cold weather breaks, you’ll be able to find me in my KURU boots—chic, comfy, and foot pain-free. The way shoes should be.

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