I Tried The Kate Walsh-Approved Crepe Erase Skin Line, Here’s What I Think

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The one place I never thought I’d be thinking about wrinkles? My forearms. As enlightened as I try to be about getting older and embracing this phase of life, I find myself looking down at my appendages and thinking, “Et tu, forearms?”

When I was a kid, an activity my mother and I enjoyed doing together was “laying out in the sun.” It’s a phrase that will likely fade out of the English lexicon since most sane people no longer participate in the practice. But man did we love to lie in our rural Pennsylvania backyard and see how brown our skin could get as we dipped our feet in an inflatable pool. 

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And now I’m paying for it with forearms that are “crepey.” At least that’s what the many ads I’m bombarded with as I navigate my workday want to call it. 

So I was admittedly intrigued when I had the opportunity to try Crepe Erase products, especially since it’s backed by the stunning Kate Walsh (AKA Dr. Addison Montgomery from Grey’s Anatomy) and Jane Seymour. My admiration for Ms. Seymour goes back to my college days when, at the (seemingly, at the time) advanced age of around 40, stole the heart of my 20-year-old boyfriend. She was his “pass,” and I was jealous and in awe. To this day, when she speaks, I pay attention.  

Easy Application, Potent Ingredients

I tried the two-step Crepe Erase Ultra 5-Piece Body & Face System for body, face, and neck. The procedure is to first scrub in the exfoliating product, which contains alpha hydroxy acid to encourage cell turnover. I use it in the shower at night, then pat myself dry, leaving my skin a bit damp. 

The second step is applying the body, face, and neck treatments. I was surprised by how little I needed to cover each area—as my mom used to say, “A little dab’ll do ya.” 

The body treatment contains the “TruFirm+, Patented Dual Peptides with 12 Super Hydrators.” It’s dense but also manages to absorb quickly. The brand says the formula helps support your skin’s natural collagen and elastin production and locks in hydration for 72 hours. 

Indeed, I saw an immediate difference in my skin. Check out the photo of my forearms—the bottom one immediately after using the body lotion and the other free of any product. It’s pretty easy to see the difference!

comparison of arms before and after using Crepe Erase
(Kristen Philipkoski)

Used daily, Crepe Erase products have been shown to reveal smoother, firmer skin on arms, knees, legs, and chest. A clinical study showed a 24% increase in hydration when using the body pre-treatment followed by the body lotion. 

The Advanced Restorative Face Treatment contains retinol, which research shows can smooth fine lines and wrinkles, improve texture, and even out skin tone.  

Handy Dispensers

As part of the 5-piece collection, the Advanced Body Repair Treatment Ultra comes in a tub that you can touch lightly with your fingertips to get plenty of product. The Ultra Smooth Neck Repair comes in a smaller tub with a handy pumping mechanism that serves up just the right amount. The smaller Advanced Restorative Facial Treatment is packaged in a 0.5 fl. oz bottle with a traditional pump that also gives you just the right amount to cover your face. 

The containers are sleek and unassuming—my husband hasn’t complained yet about once again having less real estate on the bathroom counter. 

The Scent 

My least favorite part of the Body Repair Treatment was the scent. The version I tried was technically fragrance-free, which many people might prefer. But it made me realize I like a prettier, more herbaceous, or floral scent in my products. By the time I get up in the morning, I can’t detect any scent at all. The good news is the products also come in a citrus scent, which I will be sure to try next time!

The fragrance-free face and neck products have an even more neutral scent, I could hardly detect one right out of the dispensers. 

Final Verdict

These products are easy and pleasant to use. They delivered immediate results that seem worth the price of the 5-product package, especially since just two of the products would cost more than the bundle. Also considering the long-term results seen in the clinical trial, the 5-piece system is an even better value. 

Note that when using these products you should be extra careful to apply and re-apply sunscreen. Both retinol and alpha hydroxy acid can make your skin more sensitive to sun exposure. 

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