I Tried These Protein-Packed, Healthy Cookies That Claim To Be As Tasty As The Real Deal–Here’s My Honest Review

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The concept of a tasty but healthy cookie sounds like a fun trip to the DMV—not only would I not believe anyone who proposed such an idea, but I’d also likely question their judgment. In my eyes, these pairs could only exist as snarky oxymorons. 

But alas, here I sit, proven incorrect about at least one of these unlikely duos. After trying the surprisingly chocolatey goodness of a Naked Nutrition Cookie, I’m starting to wonder if I have an exciting license renewal in my future, too. 

These protein-packed cookies are made with natural ingredients, chockful of sweet chocolate chips, and yes—are both tasty and healthy.

The Bare Essentials Of Naked Nutrition

After noticing that most supplements had a long list of non-nutritional ingredients, former cross country and track All-American Stephen Zieminski created Naked Nutrition. Naked Nutrition’s products are made with simple, natural ingredients. As its name implies, Naked has nothing to hide. 

The Naked Protein Cookie is certainly no exception. These sweet treats contain no artificial sweeteners or flavors, high fructose corn syrup, gluten, soy, or GMOs. It also has 10 grams of protein from grass-fed whey and zero trans fat. Oh, and they’re freshly baked—as any good cookie should be—and made in the US.

I was skeptical about trying the Naked Chocolate Chip cookie—normally, I prefer my desserts to be as sugary and unhealthy as possible. Still, I know that I could stand to be more mindful about what I put into my body, and Naked Nutrition was offering some big promises in that regard.

…And They Delivered

My first impression? That is a lot of chocolate chips. This cookie is loaded to the brim with sweet, chocolatey goodness—so we were off to a good start. For those wondering if it has a chewier, gluten-free consistency, it does. But hey, it’s gluten-free. 

While it’s definitely still sweet, it’s much more subdued. You don’t feel like you’re eating an entire cup of granulated sugar when you eat a Naked Cookie, but it’s still sweet enough to do the trick. And if you don’t typically eat cookies, the difference is even more indistinguishable. 

As my husband and I tried these out (he loved them, by the way), I compared them to plant-based bacon we’ll eat occasionally. We haven’t had real bacon in years, so to us, our “fake-on” tastes exactly the same. It probably wouldn’t to someone who eats bacon regularly, but it satisfies that craving for me, and that’s all I’m worried about. 

Naked Nutrition cookies are the same way. If you’re looking for a saccharine sweet cookie from the bakery aisle, this might not be it. But if you want to ensure you’re only putting natural, high-quality ingredients in your body while still satisfying your sweet tooth, this cookie is the way to go. 

Moreover, because these cookies are packed with so much protein, these tasty snacks kept my husband and me fuller for longer in between meals. In fact, he’s started packing them in his lunch for work every day. I opt to eat mine before a long night shift to keep away hunger pangs. 

No fillers, no additives, no fluff—Naked Protein Cookies are everything you want in a cookie and nothing you don’t.

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