If You Have A Home Painting Project, This ‘Better Than Sliced Bread’ Tool Will Save You Valuable Time

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When you are looking to refresh and update your home, there is nothing better or more budget-friendly than a fresh coat of paint. Even though a DIY painting project can be the best option for your wallet, there’s one time-consuming and annoying part of the process that can be enough to make you change your mind—the prep work.

All of that taping and masking that must be done to protect the non-painted areas of the room takes more effort and attention to detail than I normally like to put forth—especially on a Saturday. But, if you skip this step, you are setting yourself up for failure and disappointment.

The good news is that there’s a tool that actually makes taping and masking much easier and quicker. In turn, that can make your home painting project so much more enjoyable. 

The handy tool I am referring to is the 3M Hand-Masker, which comes in a pre-assembled masking film and tape kit. The M3000 dispenser allows you to apply painting tape and masking film all at once with one continuous application, significantly cutting down the amount of time needed for a painting project. 

This tool works best when it’s used to prepare for painting, ceiling texturing, exterior wall finishing, or floor sanding. It can be used with 3M hand-masker masking films, plastic, and ScotchBlue Painter’s tapes. 

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The dispenser is compact and lightweight, with an easy-grip handle that makes painting projects finish up four to five times faster than the paper/poly method. Of course, it’s only that easy to use once you get used to it and figure it out.

But when you do, this tool is almost “the best thing since sliced bread,” as one reviewer pointed out. “This thing is awesome! Saves me a lot of time masking. The films are strong. The cut off knife takes a little getting used to…Once you get the hang of it…everything is cool!”

Another added, “It’s tough to set up and use if never done before. Takes some practice to get used to it, but even with struggling at first it was still way faster than hand masking.”

With proper understanding, some time, and a little practice, the 3M Hand-Masker is a breeze to use and makes a home painting project a little more enjoyable. Not only will the hand masker make the process go much faster, but it will also be much less frustrating.

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