If You Have This Knife Sharpener At Home, You’re Doing More Harm Than Good

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Using a brand-new knife to slice meat or produce is nothing short of satisfying. With its pristine sharpness, you can easily separate the skin from a salmon filet or dice a tomato without squishing it. Unfortunately, over time those amazing knives–even expensive ones–lose their ability to make such cuts.

Consequently, when this happens you might turn to the sharpening rod that came with your butcher block. Professional chefs, however, often suggest avoiding the sharpener and switching to a whetstone, instead. 

Is Your Knife Sharpener Ruining Your Knives?

When it comes to sharpening knives, a whetstone is the best tool. Basically, the rod that comes with your butcher block is for honing or aligning the edges of the blade. Alternately, many will turn to an affordable electric knife sharpener, hoping for a less difficult sharpening process.

However, these electric sharpeners do not offer as much control, in terms of speed and pressure, when sharpening the blades. Thus, you run the risk of removing too much metal from the blade. By contrast, sharpening a blade with a whetstone gives you greater control, and allows you to create a new edge. This method will have the best results.

It can be difficult to know when to sharpen your knife, but there are some tips you can follow. According to AllRecipes, you can figure out which knives need some extra care with the paper test. Simply attempt to cut a piece of paper while holding it in the air. If the knife doesn’t make a clean cut, it’s time to sharpen the blade.

In general, knives need to be sharpened between one and four times per year, depending on a variety of factors. Incorrectly sharpening your knives or using inadequate cutting boards can cause you to resharpen them more often. 

With the CWINDY 1000/6000, a two-sided whetstone, you can properly sharpen those dull knives. CWINDY’s coarse side shaves the metal while its fine side restores the pristine sharp edge. 

Made of high-quality corundum, the affordable CWINDY Whetstone is perfect for restoring knives to their original sharpness. Plus, it features a bamboo block and stone holder to keep the stone steady as you restore the edge on your knives.

Despite whatever you do to your cutting equipment, you can rest assured that the CWINDY can perform on nearly any blade surface. However, ceramic or serrated knives cannot be sharpened with the CWINDY 1000/6000.

One reviewer now swears by this whetstone and said, “ I bought this because I have a lot of knives for cooking and camping that needed sharpening (initially). I [own] one of those as-seen-on-tv handheld ones for quick sharpening but it just wasn’t doing the job for damage knives. I got this and was able to get pretty much all of the damage out of my knives.” 

If you’ve never properly sharpened the knives in your butcher block, it could be time they got some TLC. With the CWINDY 1000/6000, meal preparation is made simple once again by restoring your knives to their former glory.

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