Insulting New Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Report Takes Tabloid Sexism To A New Level

Meghan Markle is subjected to intense misogyny courtesy of the press. A new story detailing her supposed new nickname ratches up the sexism to another level. Let’s learn about this rough story.

Meghan Markle’s New Nickname…

According to Page Six, Markle’s neighbors have a derogatory nickname for her: the “Princess of Montecito.” The name stems not from her status as the Duchess of Sussex, but from her glitzy lifestyle. She apparently calls ahead for secluded seating at high-end restaurants. Markle is “waited on hand and foot” as one source says. When she’s not partaking in expensive dining, Markle likes hiking and raising her family.

The Quiet Part Out Loud

Ask yourself: does a nickname like “Princess of Montecito” sound like something a multi-millionaire living in Montecito would think of, or does it sound like a catty tabloid insult? Markle’s neighbors are primarily friends who share her political beliefs and exceed her substantial wealth. 

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Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey are both friends and neighbors to Prince Harry and Markle. Are they really using such a lame nickname behind her back? It’s not even a creative put-down, and the justification is laughable at best. Markle is called a princess because she calls ahead for secluded seating? A mega-celebrity constantly targeted with hateful rhetoric would like privacy? Shocking.

Sexist Stories Stalk Sussexes

Calling Markle “princess” is brazenly and openly sexist. This is the same kind of term you’d hear thrown around a playground. It’s impossible for Page Six to know what Markle’s friends and neighbors call her, but we’re willing to bet it’s not something this inane.

We’ve encountered far too many sexist stories about Markle from the tabloids. There are those who claim Markle runs Harry’s life, while others call Markle desperate to be famous. She’s regularly attacked for being a “social climber” obsessed with status. We have never seen Kate Middleton attacked the same way despite doing the exact same thing. Perhaps race factors in as well.

Among the worst attacks we’ve ever seen is when The Globe reported Markle staged her miscarriage for publicity. That story robbed Markle of her humanity in the name of a hit piece. Her miscarriage was very real and it took real courage to come out and talk about it.

Off-handedly labeling Markle the “Princess of Montecito” isn’t innocuous. It’s cut from the same hateful cloth as the rest of these rags. Markle’s neighbors probably just call her Meghan like a normal person would.

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