Is Sam Asghari Really Filming Britney Spears’ Nude Instagram Snaps?

Singer Britney Spears is strutting her stuff!

The “Circus” singer is back on vacation with fiancé Sam Asghari at a tropical paradise and Britney is having some fun with the camera.

Britney Spears Struts Naked Along A Deserted Tropical Beach

She has her hands over her breasts so technically, Instagram says it’s okay to post… at least for now! While some fans enjoyed the show, other fans are wondering if Sam is the one who is filming his girlfriend here.

Britney clearly looks comfortable with whoever is behind the camera so it’s a good bet that Sam is probably behind the lens here. After all, he shared another interesting video of Britney where she was presumed to be naked yesterday.

Sam Asghari Is Bringing The Island Love With Britney Spears!

Yesterday, Sam posted a video of him and Britney in a deep pool. The water is pretty clear so fans can see that Sam is wearing dark shorts underneath the water, but it’s unclear if Britney is wearing anything at all as she straddles his hips. As they kiss, Sam slowly walks away from the camera.

“Island love 🏝 with the lioness @britneyspears,” he captioned the video.

“Love to see you having fun, brother!! 😍🙌” one fan wrote.

“Yaaas make babies!!!!” another commented.

“Yaassss you have the Queen as your lady, you lucky man!!!” another wrote.

“Why are you trying to break the Internet?” another asked.

Sam may not have been trying to break the Internet with that video, but Britney definitely might be trying to cause a frenzy with her latest snaps!

Britney Spears Proves That Diamonds Really Are A Girl’s Best Friend!

On Monday night, Britney posted a series of nude snaps while lying in the ocean. It looks like she and Sam really are enjoying a deserted beach getaway! In one shot, Britney is lying on her stomach, covering her chest with one arm.

In another shot, Britney is lying down on her back and staring down at her body with one leg propped up at an angle. She is lying on her side facing the camera in the third shot, where a strategically placed diamond hides her private parts that are concealed by the shadows. In the last shot, Britney is on all fours with her long blonde hair trailing down her back. A strategic diamond is placed on top of her rear end.

It remains to be seen if Instagram is going to pull any of these pics, but it doesn’t look like anyone else was around to take the snaps but Sam. Regardless, fans couldn’t really care who took the pics!

“Tell those diamonds to get out of the way 😂” one fan joked.

“IT’S BRITNEY, BEACH!!!!” another commented.

“you are free, you deserve it!!!!” wrote another.

“You’re heaven on earth!” another commented.

“Do Sam next!!” another fan requested.

Sam… Already Kind Of Did?

Sam previously posted his own black-and-white snap to Instagram with the caption “Cold showers only.” It’s not as NSFW as Britney’s pics, but it was enough for fans to light up the post with fire emojis.

“Why Britney isn’t there 😍😍😍” one fan asked.

“Very handsome and strong man ❤️❤️” another commented.

“Hot guy – cold shower! That’s the drill 😎” another joked.

But Wait… Who Is That Mystery Woman?

Are we really sure Sam and Britney are alone on their tropical paradise vacation? A few days ago, Britney posted a video of her shaking her hips and strutting her stuff in a low-cut long-sleeve red sparkling dress. She has her hair up with her long bangs hanging around her face. She topped off her outfit with beige heels.

In the background of the video, a woman in a strapless black dress can be seen holding up the camera. One fan commented, “I can’t believe we finally got a glimpse of the person who records these videos of you.”

Some fans said that it was her assistant, Vicky. But is Vicky behind Britney’s recent nude beach snaps? Or is it Sam? Hopefully, Britney will post some SFW selfies so fans can know for sure!

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