#IStandWithRayFisher Trends Again After Actor Calls Out WarnerMedia Over Derek Chauvin Response

Ray Fisher is once again upset with WarnerMedia and the way they are handling social justice and race relations within their company. Earlier today, former police officer Derek Michael Chauvin was found guilty in the death of George Floyd, and convicted of murder on all charges. Shortly after the verdict was read, WarnerMedia put out a response on social media, which you can see in the Tweet below from the media conglomerate.

“THE WORK CONTINUES. While this verdict doesn’t bring back those we’ve so wrongly lost, we know that it brings us closer to significant change.We reaffirm our commitment to be part of the solution buying our platforms, content, and resources to advance racial equality and social justice.”

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This statement did not sit well with Cyborg actor Ray Fisher, who accused Joss Whedon of abuse and misconduct on the set of Warner Bros. and DC Films’ Justice League during reshoots. An investigation was conducted, but Fisher never felt justice was fully served in the matter. He has continued to wage a crusade against the studio and various individuals within the company. Things seemed to be looking up, as the actor claimed that Cyborg might return in The Flash movie if Warner Bros. apologized to him.

Ray Fisher was originally supposed to co-star in The Flash movie alongside Ezra Miller. But after the accusations came, and an investigation got underway, Warner Bros. decided to cut ties with Fisher. It was never announced if the character of Cyborg was being cut from The Flash, or if there was recasting going on behind the scenes. Fisher’s appearance in the movie seems more unlikely now, after he tweeted out his angry response to WarnerMedia.

How f*cking DARE YOU @WarnerMedia?!?!?! Oh, now I’m pissed….”

After Ray Fisher made his response, many came out to voice support for the actor. Soon, the #IStandWithRayFisher hashtag began to trend again, as it did when Zack Snyder’s Justice League was finally released on HBO Max this past March. A lot of Zack Snyder and Ray Fisher fans are upset with WarnerMedia and how they have handled this situation so far. You can check out some of the tweets from those angry fans below.

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