It Was A ‘Bones Day’ For Jonathan Graziano When Noodle The Pug Made It To Jeopardy!

It was certainly a “bones day” for Jonathan Graziano when he found out his late pup, TikTok famous Noodle the pug, made it to Jeopardy! On Tuesday night, Noodle was a clue in the category “On TikTok” and Graziano, along with his TikTok followers loved that Noodle was included.

Noodle The Pug Was A Jeopardy Clue!

Jonathan Graziano and Noodle the Pug
Jonathan Graziano – Instagram

Noodle rose to fame on social media when owner Graziano began sharing videos of the adopted older pug deciding if a day would be a “bones day” or “no bones day.” His videos took the Internet by storm as Noodle’s fanbase grew daily. Not only did Noodle reach many online, there’s also a book, “Noodle and the No Bones Day” that made it to the number one spot on the New York Times Bestseller’s Children’s picture book list.

And now Graziano can add Jeopardy to the places that Noodle’s captured attention. TikToker Kim Speaks Dog found the Jeopardy clip and shared it so others could enjoy Noodle’s big moment on the show.

Noodle was the $800 clue in the category of “On TikTok.” “Sadly, in 2022 it was a final ‘no bones’ for TikTok star Noodle, this breed of dog, who passed away at 14.” Jack, one of the contestants, answered the question correctly saying, “What’s a pug?” Many of Kim Speaks Dog’s followers commented on the clip by mentioning that Jack sounded sad answering that question, assuming he must have been a Noodle fan.

Of course, when Graziano heard this news, he took to TikTok to share it with his loyal followers. “I just saw it. I had no idea this was gonna happen. I was just sitting here waiting for my food. I ordered a sandwich and my friend Melanie just texted me out of the blue that Noodle was the answer to a Jeopardy question tonight, and I just like, what a marvel,” he said. “What a marvel this dog was and what a marvel this dog continues to be.”

Graziano said that it made him sad and that he cried hearing this news. “It’s amazing, because it’s sad but it’s always followed up by gratitude,” he said. “It’s just amazing.”

Noodle’s Fans Were Excited About This “Bones Day” Moment

Noodle the pug
Jonathan Graziano – Instagram

Noodle’s loyal fans took to the comments of the clip to share their excitement about this “bones day” moment.

“Sounds like a bones day to me. A jeopardy bones day. It’s epic,” one person wrote in the comment section of Graziano’s video. Another person added, “‘My dog was an answer on jeopardy’… I mean, goals!”

One follower used the word “legend” to which Graziano wholeheartedly agreed. “It’s official!! Noodle is a legend! A jeopardy clue? That is legendary!!” Graziano replied, “The definition!!”

Another person pointed out the pup’s popularity. “Noodle being a question on jeopardy shows how much a sweet elderly pug was loved literally by everyone!”

Another follower shared a cute story that further proved the reach that Noodle had and still has. “At our Mardi Gras parade, a man had his old pug in a stroller. I had to meet him. I asked him if it was a bones day. The owner understood!😊”

One fan added another sweet story, “I was visiting a school over the weekend, and I saw a ‘is it a bones or no bones day?’ bulletin board outside the cafeteria!”

Jonathan Graziano Recently Announced A Second Book Is In The Works

Graziano recently announced exciting news for Noodle fans – a second book is currently in the works. The book titled; “Noodle Conquers Comfy Mountain” will be released on November 7.

Noodle’s adventures will live on for all the people who watched to see if it will be a “bones day” or “no bones day” on TikTok.

“I really love that Noodle lives on in the pages of a book. I’m a librarian, and I love seeing Noodle on our shelves and in the hands of our littles,” one follower wrote on Graziano’s TikTok clip announcing the book. Graziano responded, “I really do hope to keep going with these. It’s helped me so much these past couple months.”

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