Jameela Jamil Slams ‘Gross Headline’ About New Zealand Prime Minister

Jameela Jamil is saying no to another headline but this time describing it as ‘gross!’

After it was announced that the current prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, would be stepping down, responses were incredibly harsh. The actress leaped to her defense and slammed this publication that posted a very controversial headline. 

Jameela Jamil Declares: ‘Yes Women Can Have It All’ In New Post

Due to all the abuse the retiring prime minister received after announcing her intention to step aside for a new leader no later than February 7, the media personality stepped forward to slam critics. 

The activist posted a screenshot of an article by BBC news titled, “Jacinda Ardern resigns: Can women really have it all?” Underneath, Jamil wrote over the picture:

“Yeah, women can have it all. She had it all, did it all, smashed it all, and now has even more because she has the agency to decide when she is done on HER time. She may not be prime minister anymore, but she was always a queen.”

The “Good Place” actress was not done and continued in the caption, “GROSS HEADLINE. 5 years of being revolutionary, and leaving on her terms. That IS having it all.” Angrily she called out BBC for not using a similar headline for a similar situation in London.

Jameela Jamil Slams 'Gross Headline' About Just Resigned New Zealand Prime Minister
Instagram | Jameela Jamil

The former DJ emphasized that the 42-year-old deserved a break after handling her country’s pandemic response perfectly. Jamil added that the 40th prime minister is handing a country that is still intact over to an inexperienced person. She concluded by writing, “Love her forever and ever amen.”

A follower commented, “The fact that she was self-aware enough to realize it was time to step down is amazing. How many politicians stay in power and provide zero value to pad their bank accounts with wage and industry lobbyists money? We need more leaders (not politicians) like her.” 

A Zealand native stated they were upset at her leaving because she led them through the pandemic, a national disaster, and a terrorist attack. They feared the future without her and thanked Jamil for recognizing the situation. 

Famous actress Nathalie Emmanuel said sarcastically, “They just can’t help themselves 🙄😑.” Another person wrote, “Love her policies or hate them, no person should have put up that much hate. Many kiwis should be ashamed, and I know quite a few of them. I view those people in a completely different way.” 

Earlier CNN had reported that New Zealand leader Jacinda Ardern explained that she did not have the strength to seek re-election. While her term ends on February 7, she noted that the decision not to pursue the October polls was utterly her own. 

She explained that leading a country was a privilege and had to be done wholeheartedly and in sound mind to prepare for unexpected situations that could crop up. Arden ended her statement by saying she no longer had “enough in the tank to do the job justice.” 

Jameela Jamil at the 47th American Music Awards - Los Angeles

After highlighting her achievements in the office, she explained that an interesting angle evident after dealing with big life-changing challenges like that for six years was that she was human. The 42-year-old added:

“Politicians are human. We give all that we can for as long as we can, and then it’s time. And for me, it’s time.” 

‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ Star Slams Tabloid For Clickbait Headline

After grabbing the media’s attention with her role in the series “The Good Place,” she has since become a victim of publications misconstruing her words. Unfortunately, she refuses to take it lying down, just like she did recently.  

The Blast shared that after going on to star in major Hollywood blockbusters, Jamil has her eyes set on getting a role in the “Star Wars” franchise. The “Hollywood Game Night” guest star has been quite vocal about her dreams to be included in any of the projects, just like she said in an interview with SFX Magazine. The 36-year-old stated:

“I’ve done DC, I’ve done the MCU, I’ve now joined Star Trek, so it feels only natural that I should at least be allowed to do catering at Star Wars.” 

She explained that she had always referred to it as her “EGOT” and that it would be her ultimate dream. However, when the article was published, the broadcaster shared a snap  of the headline, which claimed that she wanted to abandon Disney+ because their movie “tanked.”

In her caption, she wrote, “WOWWWW. The headline vs. the quote. I said this during my Star Trek press tour in zero relation to the success of any previous project, just my love of certain sci-fi worlds.” 

She disclosed that “She-Hulk” was a success, unlike what they claimed and that they had lost the fight by trying to lie, adding, “Hope these people stretch before they attempt the mental gymnastics required to create such nonsense.”

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