James Gunn Confirms The Suicide Squad Runtime & Post-Credit Scene

After an extra long wait, The Suicide Squad is just around the corner, and while we eagerly await the return of Harley Quinn and friends, director James Gunn dropped in on Twitter this week to answer a few questions about the upcoming film, including confirming the runtime, whether there is an end credit scene and to gently jibe those who maybe expected a bit too much from the movie. While we have known for a while that movie would be following in the footsteps of Birds of Prey with an R-rating, there were a few things that he was happy to share that we were not aware of.

One user by the handle of @CreativeCatFX said to the James Gunn, “I dreamed that #TheSuicideSquad was split into two movies; we saw the first part, featuring cameos, extremely gory training montages, no/offscreen deaths, country meadows, the Thinker with hair and the WB offices. @JamesGunn how long is the film for real. Gun replied to the tweet, and couldn’t resist a cheeky little ribbing at the expectation of two movies. “2 hours and 12 minutes. #TheSuicideSquad That was a very inaccurate dream.”

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Further to the runtime reveal, @DcfanSean followed up with an additional question about the length of the movie. “Hi James may I ask about the runtime of 2 hours was that your idea of the @WarnerMedia.” Gunn replied to him, “I wrote, filmed, & edited the best movie I could & it ended up at this length. No one ever planned for it to be this long.”

As with many movies these days, one of the burning questions on fans’ minds was whether The Suicide Squad would be sporting one of those sought after additional scenes that make sitting through the credits a necessity, and it was @llohdrbjdzz who was able to ask, “Hey James the most important question ever does the suicide squad have post-credit scenes? Again, Gunn replied with a wry wit, saying, “I hope this isn’t the most important question, as I think the movie itself is what matters most, but yes,” Gunn confirmed.

“For #SuicideSquad who was the easiest cast member to work with and who was the most difficult? How much of the script stayed on point compared to being revised while filming?,” @PlagueXVP wanted to know. Gunn answered, “Daniela. Rooker, of course, only because he once posted a picture of himself with his Savant hair in the muddle of filming (but if he weren’t a maniac we wouldn’t love him so much). And there are 3 or 4 improvised lines but most of it was in the script,”

There were obviously many more questions asked of the director, but there are only so many hours and a day and only so many secrets one is allowed to reveal without expecting a heavy knock at the door. This meant that questions about potential sequels, specific characters, the Joker and Guardians of the Galaxy 3 all were left teasingly unanswered for now. I’m sure many of the questions will be answered when The Suicide Squad arrives in cinemas and HBO Max on August 6th.

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