Jen Selter Gives Fans A Peek At Her Tiny Thong

Model Jen Selter is giving fans a peek at what she wears underneath her leggings!

The 29-year-old fitness influencer has become a fan of sharing “Get Ready With Me” videos with her followers over the past few months, although the videos really just show her followers how she gets dressed in the morning!

Still, other fans don’t seem to mind, especially when she teases a peek at her tiny thong!

Jen Selter Gives Fans A Peek At What’s Underneath Her Leggings!

In Jen’s previous Get Ready With Me video, fans asked her what was the point of showing her followers how she gets dressed in the morning. Jen didn’t answer but other fans were quick to tell them to shush, so it looks like Jen is going to go right on showing her followers exactly what she wears underneath her clothes.

In her latest Instagram video, set to TWOPILOTS’ “Riptide,” the New York native began by casting aside the colorful unicorn bathrobe that her followers love so much, giving them a shot of her bare back for a moment. A long-sleeve white crop top suddenly appears on her as she slides into a beige thong. She slides up matching ribbed white leggings over her abs and then turns around to show off the shape of her famous booty.

Jen Is Getting Ready For A Night Of Fun In New York City!

Jen Selter shares another GRWM get ready with me video
Instagram | Jen Selter

Jen then pairs her look with strappy pointed heels before she shows off her outfit in front of the mirror, leaving her brown hair long. As she snaps a mirror selfie, she adds a pink bag to her ensemble and then later adds a puffy white Aloyoga coat to keep warm before stepping out onto the balcony of her New York City apartment to show off her latest look.

In the caption, Jen wrote, “Happy Saturday fam!! What social media platform is your favorite at the moment?! Link in my bio to follow me on Snapchat where I post the most. #GRWM.” However, fans were quick to tell her that Instagram was their favorite platform.

Fans Love Following Jen Selter On Instagram To See Her Latest Videos!

Jen Selter shares another GRWM get ready with me video
Instagram | Jen Selter

“My favorite is Instagram because that’s where I’ve gotten the most reply backs from you,” one fan wrote. “Insta is still my fave. I feel like it has everything,” another follower chimed in.

“Jen is the real OG. She was the one sporting the fit booty before all these other influencers,” a third fan shared. “Goddess Jen fits her vibes the best,” another follower agreed.

Jen Selter shares another GRWM get ready with me video
Instagram | Jen Selter

“Perfection,” another fan added. “Wow Jen, your curves look amazing,” another fan commented. “You are smoking hot,” another follower gushed.

“Wow, you look so beautiful,” another fan wrote. “Jen, you are so wonderful with an absolutely perfect body,” another follower added.

It Looks Like Jen Is A Big Fan Of Charcuterie!

Most of her followers probably didn’t know that Jen is a big fan of charcuterie! In another recent Instagram video, set to Coi Leray’s “Players,” Jen shared a video that showed her food shopping with her pup, Gram. She shows a box of Honey Mama’s to the camera before she suddenly appears back in her apartment, with a full charcuterie spread in a series of plates and dishes in front of her.

“Love to see my all-time favorite @honeymamas at @target right down the block,” Jen wrote in the caption. “Charcuterie board complete baby!” She also added #ad, although her followers were able to figure that out for themselves. Regardless, that didn’t stop them from gushing over her video.

Jen Selter is a big fan of charcuterie
Instagram | Jen Selter

“Looks yummy!” one fan commented. “Holy cleavage! But who even noticed, am I right?” another follower asked. “I love that your little fluff ball Gram goes to the store with you,” a third fan chimed in.

“Sexy, healthy, and smart,” another follower commented. “That does look delicious, yum!” another fan exclaimed while another follower wrote, “You’re the greatest!”

Jen Selter poses in a bikini with her dog Gram
Instagram Stories | Jen Selter

Interested in more Jen Selter content? In another recent Instagram post, the popular fitness enthusiast couldn’t resist showing off her black-and-white thong bikini while “vibing” at the lake! Fans can check out those steamy bikini snaps by clicking here!

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