Jennifer Aniston Supports The ‘Nose Vacuum,’ Watch Her React To The Trend In Action

Jennifer Aniston is known for being a trendsetter. From the many fashion statements she made famous on Friends—short black tops with black skirts, animal prints, and the slip dress, just to name a few—to the “Rachel” haircut, Aniston is no stranger to starting trends. Only this time, she’s supporting a new trend that’s already been made famous on TikTok: the nose vacuum.

Aniston recently sat down with Allure to look at some popular TikTok trends. In the video, the actress is first asked about the nose vacuum trend, which uses a pore vacuum to clear blackheads. Although the trend appears to be new to her, Aniston quickly becomes a believer.

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The actress is seen watching a video that the TikTok user describes as “sucking the blackheads out of my nose with a … pore vacuum????” Aniston is immediately intrigued.

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“Nose vacuum. Oh my goodness,” remarks the actress. “Blackhead … OK. This is something I could probably really get into and enjoy doing. Because who doesn’t love that?”

Aniston makes a great point. Who doesn’t love getting rid of their blackheads? From nose strips to gels and all types of facial masks, there’s a variety of options for getting rid of these problematic blemishes. But a vacuum that simply sucks out the blackheads from your face? Um, yes, please!

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The TikTok video goes on to say that “the directions on the box say to use it immediately after washing your face.” Apparently washing your face or putting warm water on your face helps to loosen the blackheads before use.

At this point, Aniston starts to read the directions. She begins by saying, “The directions on the box say that you…” Then the actress quickly trails off to try the nose vacuum that’s sitting just a few feet away.

After she grabs the nose vacuum, Aniston is instantly hooked. “Can I take this home?” the actress asks the film crew. “I wanna do this.” She then explores the nose vacuum in more detail. 

As she looks at the device, Aniston asks, “Can you go up in speed … I mean, in pressure? Yes, you can,” she responds, delighted to find that the pressure increases.

As the actress finishes trying out the trending device, Aniston gives the nose vacuum two thumbs up. “This is exciting. I support this trend,” she remarked.

Turns out, Aniston isn’t the only one to put their seal of approval on the nose vacuum. From TikTokers to dermatologists, the product appears to be the next big thing.

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