‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Mock Recent Contestants’ Fact Flubs

Most Jeopardy! viewers tune in to see the contestants show off their vast knowledge of all different kinds of facts. However, lately, it seems like the game show players aren’t impressing Jeopardy! fans, missing easy questions and making goofy guesses. 

‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Can’t Figure Out How Old Diana Ross Is

Two answers that had Twitter blowing up involved numbers. The first question asked the contestants to guess musical icon Diana Ross’ age, using a 78-RPM record as a clue. The players were clueless, though, and one guessed that Ross was 90 years old. 

This isn’t the first time the former Supreme’s age has been incorrectly guessed. A few months earlier, someone guessed that Ross was 95 years old. People quickly took to Twitter to poke fun at the wrong guesses. 

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“Jake made me feel old that he didn’t know there were 78 LPs, or that Lady Diana Ross was 78,” one Twitter user laughed. “Then, he guessed the iconic Miss Ross was 90 years old.” Another wrote, “Poor Diana Ross. She always gets insulted on a Jeopardy question.”

Fans Blast Contestants Over Incorrect Facts, From Obama To The Bronx

This wasn’t the only recent Jeopardy! gaff. In the very same episode, another contestant guessed that former president Barack Obama was the 38th president of the United States, and not the 44th. 

“When the #Jeopardy contestants think Barack Obama was the 38th president and think 90 RPM records were once a thing, I’m like, ‘Hey, I should be on Jeopardy,’ conveniently ignoring the dozens of responses I got wrong,” one person joked. 

Another tweeted, “Imagine trying to get on #Jeopardy for years to see someone on the show call Obama the 38th president.” The wrong answers didn’t stop there, though. Fans of the game show were also scratching their heads over the fact that no one competing could remember that the Bronx is one of the five boroughs that make up New York City. 

“It’s official y’all. The Bronx is no longer a borough,” someone laughed. “#Jeopardy has spoken!” Another fumed, “how the f*ck do 3 jeopardy contestants not come up with the correct response for the final clue in ‘which new york city borough?’ 4 were already given for the first 4 in that category, so 1 remains…do these people even watch the f*cking show? of course it was the bronx”

Guesses like these have a lot of Jeopardy! fans wondering about the caliber of contestants these days. “Seems like the contestants are pretty weak lately,” one person tweeted. It looks like fans of Jeopardy! are hoping the next round of game show contestants are a little sharper! 

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