‘Jeopardy!’ Writers Under Fire For Spoiling A Show’s Controversial Finale Months After It Aired

Did you catch this major spoiler? If you haven’t finished the finale season of Killing Eve just yet, you may want to skip this article and the December 9 episode of Jeopardy!. The episode has infuriated fans for referring to Killing Eve‘s final episode in a clue months after it aired. What do you think? Should the writers have given it more time? Let’s dive into the controversial clue.

‘Jeopardy!’ Clue Sparks Debate Among ‘Killing Eve’ Fans

Last Friday, Jeopardy! pushed buttons among fans who still hadn’t caught up on the BBC America show Killing Eve. The show, which kicked off its first season in 2018 to rave reviews, wrapped up its fourth and final season in April of this year. While the show undoubtedly had a loyal following, critics were underwhelmed by the show’s last two seasons. The show’s finale made little difference, and it was heavily debated and criticized last spring.

So, it seems like Jeopardy! writers figured the show was fair game. In a category named “TV Final Episodes,” Jeopardy! clue writers came up with the following clue: “When this show ended on April 10, 2022, one of the 2 female leads was dead. Which? Well, the show didn’t live up to its title.”

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Contestant Matthew Ott guessed correctly—Killing Eve. However, fans weren’t exactly congratulatory online. Apparently, despite airing eight months ago, plenty of Jeopardy! fans still hadn’t caught up on the show.

Fans Flame ‘Jeopardy!’ Clue Writers

One fan pointed out that, since most shows hit streaming platforms eventually, there’s a lot less pressure these days to watch episodes exactly as they air. “In the age of streaming TV series, why did you give the spoiler for Killing Eve?!?! Some of us are catching up on these,” the user Tweeted.

For another fan, the clue just came at a terrible time. “I’ve been binging the last season of Killing Eve and all I had left to watch was the series finale, which I was planning to watch tonight,” they tweeted after watching Jeopardy!. “Little did I know that tonight’s episode of Jeopardy would spoil the ending literally 20 min before I was planning to watch it.”

It’s certainly an interesting debate. When exactly is it okay to start sharing spoilers on national TV? Should Jeopardy! instate a blanket one-year rule? Truly, in the age of streaming, there will always be people who are still playing catch up.

New generations are discovering decades-old TV shows for the very first time every day, and they probably wouldn’t appreciate spoilers either. While it’s an unfortunate coincidence for these Killing Eve fans, we’re calling fair game on the highly publicized months-old episode.

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