Jeremy Renner Makes Red Carpet Debut 3 Months After Snowplow Accident

Jeremy Renner is back on the carpet!

Even though he is still recovering from the snow plow incident, the Marvel Cinematic Universe star looked better than expected during his first red carpet appearance on Tuesday. He was surrounded by family, friends, and supporters at the Los Angeles-held event, where he did interviews and posed for photos.

Makes His First Red Carpet Appearance After His Near-Fatal Accident

Less than four months after he was crushed by his seven-ton snow plow on New Year’s Day while attempting to free his nephew’s car at his Reno, Nevada home, Renner has returned to the Hollywood scene. He turned up at his “Rennervations” premiere, looking dapper in a deep blue suit, matching tie, and white inner shirt.

The event, which was held at the Regency Village Theatre, saw the 52-year-old walking with a cane in his right hand and holding his daughter Ava Berlin’s with his left. He alternated between using the cane and a knee scooter as he moved down the carpet, giving the paparazzi a thumbs-up at one point.

Jeremy Renner Makes Red Carpet Debut 3 Months After Snowplow Accident
Instagram | Jeremy Renner

The “Hawkeye” star initially uploaded a singular snap of the carpeted walkway on his Instagram Story, writing in the accompanying text overlay, “Rocking the blue carpet tonight !!!! Ready for this amazing event.”

In the Disney+ series, which began airing on April 12, the “28 Weeks Later” actor joins forces with “expert builders” to transform large decommissioned vehicles into community spaces for young people around the globe, including Nevada, Chicago, India, and Mexico, Chicago. 

The show would also feature familiar faces from his circle, such as Anthony Mackie, Vanessa Hudgens, Anil Kapoor, Sebastián Yatra, and his best friend, friend Rory Millikin. While speaking recently to PEOPLE, Millikin addressed his friend’s mood as he continues to rebuild his physical strength after the accident, revealing that the actor “carries this burden very heroically.”

“His mood is great. It’s strengthened by family and friends, who have been wonderful. You hear this, it sounds cheesy; thanks for all the support from fans, but it actually had a huge impact on him,” the producer further informed the outlet.

One proof of such support is evident in the comment section of the Instagram post he used to alert his 20 million+ followers of the official premiere date of “Rennervations” last month.

“Hey Renner are you ok?! how is your recovery?” one fan queried before instructing him to “get better soon and recover 100%.” Per The Blast, a second person hoped he was healthy enough to participate in the renovation series. “Jeremy, don’t rush, focus on recovering, we’ll wait for you as long as you need. Blessings for you and your family!!” a third supporter chimed.

Jeremy Renner at Kimmel

Renner has been vigorously pushing himself through physical therapy since he broke over 30 bones and underwent a few surgeries following the January 1 snow plow accident. He has updated his followers and fans on his recovery process through social media, earning even more respect and praise.

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The “Mayor of Kingstown” star, who was initially left in “critical but stable condition,” has no problem accepting jabs about his near-death experience. In fact, during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” Kimmel had quipped, “If there was any question as to who the toughest Avenger was, that’s settled now.”

The two-time Oscar nominee had stepped out on the stage with the aid of a cane as the show’s host declared him the “indestructible Jeremy Renner.” He then went to the couch to kickstart his conversation with Kimmel, as seen in the joint Instagram post shared by the two men. 

Amid the unmistakable camaraderie, The Blast observed that several followers flocked into the post’s comment section to laud Renner for his impressive progress. “awesome to see you healing & progressing. You’re an inspiration and a real life superhero,” one netizen wrote.

Another person said it was “great to see him up and around,” and a third agreed, “He’s a real-life superhero. He is coming out of this with a lot of strength and support from his family and friends.”

Meanwhile, a fourth fan prayed that the Modesto Junior College alum “continues to heal from this, both physically and emotionally.”

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