Jessica Simpson Allegedly Scared Of Husband Eric Johnson Divorcing Her After Holiday Fights, Rumor Says

Are Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson getting divorced in 2022? One report says they only plan to stay together through the holiday season. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Hardly Feeling Jolly!’

According to Star, Simpson and Johnson will need some space after December. The two are going through a tough time, although Simpson’s Instagram makes everything look happy. This upsets Johnson, with a source saying, “Eric’s put up with her demanding he pose for all her cutesy social media snaps to promote the idea they’re this perfect family, but the reality is something different.”

The insider calls Simpson “very needy and insecure.” She gets angry whenever Johnson wants to spend time with friends, so she hits him up on his phone nonstop. Now that Johnson is getting frustrated, Simpson is clinging even more. A source concludes, “She’s so worried Eric’s going to leave.”

A Cruel Story

In season two of The Sopranos, Tony Soprano offers some great advice: “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.” Star is asking you to doubt what you see and only believe what it has to say. Take Tony’s advice and believe none of it.

Who do you think knows more about Simpson’s personal life: this tabloid or the woman herself? The Newlyweds star routinely posts cute photos with kind messages directed at Johnson. Last month, the two took a special trip to celebrate the 11 year anniversary of their engagement.

A few weeks before that, they coordinated Halloween costumes. One photo with Johnson a month hardly constitutes desperate behavior. It looks like this outlet just wanted to attack Simpson and Johnson but knew it didn’t have a leg to stand on. Instead, it asked its readers to willfully ignore all the obvious evidence that everything is fine.

The two just went out together in LA, so they’re definitely still together. The tabloid paints Simpson as a needy and desperate housewife who can’t afford to see her husband hang out with anyone else. This is a cruel and regressive portrayal of Simpson, an extremely successful businesswoman in her own right. She’s got plenty going on outside of her husband’s life.

Relevant Tall Tales

In 2017, Star promised that Simpson was expecting a baby, but that announcement was not accurate at the time. It later claimed she was drinking too much, was getting too fat during pregnancy, and would soon separate from Johnson. None of these stories were accurate. A spokesperson for Simpson called this coverage “not true.”

This is just a copycat story from a Us Weekly article making an identical claim. It too believed all of Simpson’s Instagram posts are just a smokescreen to disguise a failing marriage. This story was wrong then, and it’s wrong now.

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