Jessie J Shares Nude Baby Bump Photos, Warns Anyone Who Deems It ‘Inappropriate’

Jessie J is baring it all out for her fans after flaunting mesmerizing and intimate photos of her growing baby bump!

The singer, who revealed in January that she is expecting a child after suffering a miscarriage in 2022, posted photos of her nude bump on Instagram as she gradually approaches the last stages of her pregnancy.

Pregnant Jessie J Takes Teasing Bath Tub Photos

The “Bang Bang” singer, who has reached the third trimester of her pregnancy, appears to be soaking up all the moments left before she welcomes her unborn child to the world.

Jessie J at O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire in London, UK, on 27 February 2023.

Taking to her Instagram account, Jessie stripped naked and shared revealing snaps of her massive bump with 12.8 million followers. The expectant mom struck a pose from different angles while bathing in her tub. In the first frame, the singer snapped an image of her naked body reflected in the bathtub’s faucet. 

In the sultry image, her bulging belly was the center of attention while she covered her breasts with her hands. The water from the tub, however, covered up her bottom half. 

The following slide captured the singer’s legs extended out of the water while she soaked herself and watched a show from her laptop at the other end of the bath with a candle lit next to it.

The “Domino” singer also graced her fans with a heartwarming clip of her baby boy kicking and moving inside her belly. As for the fourth and last slide, Jessie took a gorgeous mirror selfie, dressed in a black and white Calvin Klein sports bra that revealed her stomach. 

Adding a caption to her unclad photos, she wrote, “I just want to remember this feeling forever 🫀.” Shunning down critics on her page, she quipped, “And anyone who has commented “inappropriate” on this post. I bet you zoomed before you commented 😂”

Jessie J baby bump bathtub

As expected, not only did her post receive over 500,000 likes, friends and fans of the star trooped into her comment section to drop their thoughts about the images. Fellow English singer, Paloma Faith, wrote, “Amazing pics…. Welcome to superhero territory.” Stacey Solomon, who recently gave birth to her fifth child, commented, “Magic 🥲🥲”

American actor, Billy Porter, added, “Congratulations, my love.” Meanwhile, followers of Jessie had mixed opinions about her photos, with one praising her, “They are not photos; they are works of art 👌”

However, another condemned the post, writing, “Don’t post your naked pregnant pictures; we don’t want to see that.” A third fan wrote, “Everyone freaking out about the type of pictures, and I’m over here wondering why the tub isn’t filled all the way 🤣🤣.”

The ‘Flashlight’ Singer Expressed Her Displeasure Over Parenthood Traumas

The entertainer’s revealing nude post comes months after she shunned any negativity about motherhood.

Jessie J baby bump bathtub

The expectant mom was very intentional about pushing away toxic views about parenting. She took to her Instagram Story to repost a message by the renowned leadership coach Harris Fanaroff, where he tackled the same problem. In the clip, the marketing guru explained that he was fed up with hearing about the wrong side of parenthood.

He mentioned the cons of parenting, including, “You’ll never sleep again, your travel life is over, and Say goodbye to your weekends,” Fanaroff added that he was expecting his first baby with his partner in the next three weeks and was hyped about it.

He says he is “excited, nervous, anxious, and grateful” to be a dad. He noted that the jitters might have been caused by hearing about the consequences of having children instead of the benefits. 

Adding her input, Jessie shared similar sentiments in a note above the post, writing, “This. So peop,le share often (mostly often) only trauma, not joy. Both can exist. It truly can ruin it for new-time parents.”

The Preggy Mom Has Been Having A Smooth Sailing Pregnancy

While Jessie has chosen not to associate with those badmouthing parenthood, she seems to enjoy carrying her rainbow baby in her bulging belly.

Days ago, the singer radiated beauty as she flaunted her growing bump via her Instagram Story. In the snapshots, she looked relaxed and glowed on all sides as she displayed her stomach. The mom-to-be took a mirror selfie and rocked black and white striped nightwear pants with a white bra top and socks.

She styled her black tresses in a ponytail and posed in front of an off-white wall. The background of the post also featured wooden floors and big-sized candles.

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