Jessie James Decker’s Viral Art Transformation Shows Off Her ‘Big Ole’ Assets

Jessie James Decker is a country music singer known for her songs “Should’ve Known Better” and “Boys in the Summer.” She is also married to former NFL player Eric Decker and the two share three children together.

In early 2021, Decker revealed she had decided to get a breast augmentation and was “very happy” with the results.

The 34-year-old recently jumped on the viral art transformation trend going around social media, which she says got her “big ole titties” right.

Decker Shares Viral Art Transformation Results

2022 CMT "Artists of the Year" - arrivals

Jessie James Decker jumped on the social media trend, sharing her art transformation to Instagram. Some of them look like the country music singer while others, not so much.

“Well… idk that these totally look like me but the things they got right were the big ole titties and thick brows 🤷‍♀️,” Decker hilariously captioned the post.

Fans were quick to comment on the post as one user wrote, “Yours captions are everything 😂.”

Another Instagram follower wrote something similar, “This caption wins IG today 😂😂😂😂.”

A few users said the third photo of Decker looks like Elizabeth Hurley. “The third one definitely looks like Elizabeth Hurley lol,” one follower wrote as another chimed in, “Third one looks like Elizabeth Hurley!”

Jessie James Decker Faces Backlash For Family Photo

Jessie James Decker family
Instagram | Jessie James Decker

Recently, Jessie James Decker posted a photo of her children vacationing in Mexico, to which some accused Decker of photoshopping abs onto her kids. However, she did not let the hate go unnoticed. 

“Surely this is an app but I don’t see anyone saying as much,” one user wrote, but Decker quickly responded saying, “yeah I used an *ab* app on my small children wtf.”

Another user commented something similar, writing “That doesn’t look right — Sorry, not sorry,” to which Decker, again, clapped back saying, “It’s a sad world we live in today when having healthy fit kids who are super active, play sports [and] build muscle naturally is ‘weird’.”

Decker also posted to her Instagram addressing the backlash once and for all. “I didn’t plan on addressing this because it’s bonkers but the photos are out there and every single news outlet has posted about this,” she wrote. “When I posted the pix of our vacation and included the kids being silly flexing on the beach on our thanksgiving trip I had NO clue it would get the reaction it did.”

But Being accused of photoshopping abs on my kids (I can’t help but laugh) or … the polar opposite over ‘overtraining’ our kids make me realize how bizarre our world has gotten regarding the body and what’s normal and what’s not,” she continued.

Would Jessie James Decker return to “Dancing With the Stars”?

Jessie James Decker on Dancing With the Stars
Instagram | Jessie James Decker

Jessie James Decker was one of the contestants competing for the Mirror Ball trophy on the latest season of “Dancing With the Stars.”

Unfortunately, the country singer and mom of three had to say goodbye to the competition, coming in 10th place. But would the country music singer ever compete on “Dancing With the Stars” again?

The “Grow Young With You” singer attended the CMA Awards recently and while on the red carpet, she opened up on f she would ever return to the “Dancing With the Stars” ballroom.

“I don’t think I would do [Dancing With The Stars] again,” she told E! Insider, “but I’ll watch it now all the time with the kids. The kids are completely hooked now, but no, that was a one-time thing for me.”

Although she would never compete for the Mirror Ball trophy again, she did admit she loved her time on the show. “I loved [dancing],” she continued. “It was really hard. It was an experience I’ll never forget.”

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