Joanna Gaines Reveals The Top Kitchen Tools She Can’t Live Without

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Although Joanna Gaines is certainly an expert when it comes to making home improvements on Fixer Upper, her unending talent also shines through in the heart of the home, the kitchen. 

An interview with Architectural Digest found the mother of five explaining how the kitchen should, at least to her, have a more relaxed feel when it comes to design. Gaines explained, “With design, when I walk into a house, I have this end goal in mind that I see in my head and until it gets there, I won’t stop. When you put me in the food world it is a little looser… I don’t want to be a perfectionist in the kitchen. When I come home from work and it is a full day of meetings and design I want to cut myself some slack and just let it be a creative thing that kind of fuels me.”

As she was designing her kitchen for Discovery’s Magnolia Table, Gaines ensured it was equipped with nothing more than the bare necessities. As the show was filmed at the Gristmill, Gaines touched on how other kitchen essentials can contribute to the atmosphere. To maintain that earthy, cozy rustic feel, Gaines chose items that were essential. 

“The Gristmill, where the show is filmed, is this old piece of history. Late 1800s. For me, when I was thinking about the design, I just wanted it to be completely authentic to what it was,” Gaines explained. “All the beams that were painted, we sanded down so you could see the raw wood… and then just updating it with the new cabinets and brass hardware. I wanted it to feel really textural and simple and clean.”

Exactly what tools made it onto Gaines’ Magnolia Table? Interestingly enough, they’re the same products you can find in Gaines’ home kitchen. 

1. Wooden Spoon

Cooking utensils and cutting board on white table. Kitchen utensils background

A wooden spoon is an essential part of any home kitchen. As well as being durable and versatile, wooden spoons are gentle and won’t damage your cookware. It’s no surprise Gaines lists a wooden spoon as one of the kitchen tools she absolutely can’t live without. Gaines told Architectural Digest, “That is like my comfort thing. I always love to cook with a wooden spoon.” 

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2. Stand Mixer

red stand mixer mixing cream

Wooden spoons can’t do everything, and that’s where Gaines’ next favorite must-have kitchen tool comes in. Enter the KitchenAid Professional 5-Quart Stand Mixer. Plus, Gaines’ loves the fact that it comes in dreamy colors and uses it every day. In addition, she liked the mixer’s color so much that she painted the Gristmill’s cabinets the same color. 

Make your KitchenAid mixer stand out by choosing the right colors for your kitchen.

3. Whisk

Female chef whisking eggs in glass bowl on kitchen table
(Africa Studio/

Although a KitchenAid can certainly perform the duties of a whisk, sometimes you don’t mind doing it by hand. “I would say the things I use the most are a wooden spoon and a whisk. Just super simple,” Gaines explained to Architectural Digest

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4. Half-Apron

Young woman with short half apron preparing for cooking time

Not every chef can wear an apron with style, but Joanna Gaines has it down pat with her khaki half-apron. In the kitchen, Gaines obviously means business, which is why she needs a kitchen apron to keep her clothes clean. 

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5. Rice Cooker

Jasmine rice cooking in electric rice cooker with steam.
(Jimmy Vong/

While it hasn’t made its way into the Gristmill yet, it surely will in the near future. Gaines dishes on how important a rice cooker is for her family. “I make rice a lot. My kids are only a quarter Korean, but they like to eat like they are full Korean,” she shared.

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