Jodie Sweetin Shares Life Lessons From TV Dad, Bob Saget

Jodie Sweetin reveals the most unforgettable life lesson she learned from Bob Saget.

The “Full House” star, 40, went on “Good Morning America” Monday and talked about her onscreen dad, who died on January 9 in Orlando, Florida at 65.

On Bob Saget’s Death

Bob Saget's Funeral Is Underway, 'Full House' Creator Hosts Memorial ReceptionBob Saget's Funeral Is Underway, 'Full House' Creator Hosts Memorial Reception

“You know, it’s been, it’s been a rough couple of weeks. It was such a shock,” Sweetin said on his sudden passing. “It happened so suddenly, and to lose someone who has such a wonderful big shining personality like that in all of our lives. It’s been a lot.”

“But I know that Bob would love nothing more than the fact that everyone has been talking about him. He will be so thrilled to know that everyone was thinking about him,” the actress said jokingly.

He’ll Always Have The Last Word

Bob Saget and Jodie SweetinBob Saget and Jodie Sweetin
Instagram / jodiesweetin

Sweetin also shared how the “Full House” cast stay in touch and the last text message exchange she had with Saget.

“We have a full house family group chat that kind of goes back and forth, and it’s missing a lot without Bob in it now,” she admitted.

“But the last individual text between he and I. I think he did an episode of my podcast. I’d never thought I’d say this, and we’ve been talking about something. I sent him something to promote the episode, or whatever. And I was like, ‘thanks so much Bob. Love you.’ He said, ‘I love you too. Anything for you Jodes, always,’” Sweetin recalled. “And so you know, that was just how Bob was like. You always knew you ended the phone conversation. It was an ‘I love you.’ And he would say ‘love you more,’ and you knew you could keep going, but he was always going to have the last word.”

The Best Life Lesson

Jodie Sweetin is seen shopping at a farmer apos s market in studio CityJodie Sweetin is seen shopping at a farmer apos s market in studio City

Sweetin started working with the “America’s Funniest Home Videos” host when she was only five years old. They have been friends for over three decades. That said, she has learned a lot from Saget, but one stood out among the rest.

“One of the things that I learned from Bob… you know, even now in having to walk through his death and everything is how to laugh through some of the most painful moments of your life, it has been something that has carried me through so many times and so many things in my life,” she recalled.

“Bob had a lot of loss and a lot of grief throughout his life. His sister’s passing, his parents, and, just a whole host of things, but he never stopped laughing,” Sweetin said, adding, “He never lost the ability to laugh at himself to laugh at a situation to, you know, make fun of something that would otherwise be like it was gonna break you. And I definitely do that. Now. Whether it’s appropriate sometimes or not, I make jokes.”

An Emotional Tribute

The day after Saget’s death, Sweetin took to Instagram to express her grief.

“There aren’t enough words to express what I’m feeling today,” she began. “Nor are they big enough to capture even a slice of who he was. One thing I do know is that we never missed a chance to tell each other, ‘I love you’. Every time we talked, there were at least 3 or 4 exchanged at the end of a conversation, whether it was text, phone call or in person. And he usually had to have the last word, ‘I love you more…’”

She continued, “There are so many songs that I hear of and think of him… he introduced me to some of my favorite music through the years. Talking comedy bits with him. The love of standup and comedy history he shared. The hundreds of inside jokes we all had, the kind that only a family knows and that nobody else will ever understand or think is funny.”

Thinking About The Wonderful Memories

Bob Saget and Jodie SweetinBob Saget and Jodie Sweetin
Instagram / jodiesweetin

The actress recalled more special memories with him, such as “Notes sessions on the show, sitting and laughing all together at the kitchen table on set. He and Dave dancing together at my 13th Birthday party, being ridiculous, as usual. Spending weekends at his house with his daughters when I was young, and having blueberry pancakes. The time I out ‘Bob’d’ Bob, with some joke I told. Him telling me he was proud of me.”

Sweetin added, “These are just a few of the special memories I hold in my heart and that keep playing on the carousel of memories in my mind. Bob was a wonderful human being. A human being that could drive you nuts at times, and he knew it, but who was so genuine that you couldn’t even get that frustrated. Someone who would also call and profusely apologize for at LEAST 15 minutes if he thought he MAY have perhaps said something he shouldn’t have or thought maybe he took a joke too far. He was a genuinely kind spirit who made it through so much in his life, and was most happy when he was helping others. Whether it was personally or through SO many of his different avenues of philanthropy. He gave great hugs too.”

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