Joe Bob’s The Last Drive-In Valentine’s Special Will Put a Spell on You This February

Shudder and Joe Bob Briggs have officially announced The Last Drive-In: Joe Bob Put A Spell on You Valentine’s Special. The all-new special is set to air February 12th, exclusively on Shudder. “We found a holiday we haven’t ruined yet! We’re gonna fix that on February 12th”, says Briggs in a tweet promoting the special. As for which Valentine’s Day movies that have been chosen, that is unclear at the moment, though horror fans might automatically think of the 1981 slasher My Bloody Valentine.

While My Bloody Valentine seems like a good guess, it is a bit obvious, which means The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs probably won’t show it. Recent specials, Joe Bob Saves Christmas and Halloween Hideaway, have proven that Joe Bob Briggs and crew like to surprise their fans with something a little left of center, which is likely why the fans keep coming back. The Last Drive-In: Joe Bob Put A Spell on You Valentine’s Special news comes after Briggs was able to raise a considerable amount of money over the holidays.

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Joe Bob Saves Christmas was able to raise over $40,000 for The Trevor Project, The National Women’s Law Center, The Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, and Organization For Autism Research. Joe Bob Briggs said, “I was amazed by the generosity of our Last Drive-In family, especially since many of the auction items had minimal to zero actual value and had meaning only to fans of the show.” According to Briggs, the opening bids were a little on the high side, which prevented many viewers from bidding. However, the iconic host says that a lot of fans “went ahead and made separate individual donations to the four charities, so our final impact is far greater than we could ever have hoped for, especially in this tough year of 2020. It was truly a Christmas miracle.”

Shudder and Joe Bob Briggs announced The Last Drive-In season three in July 2020. The Summer Sleepover Special premiered the next month, while new episodes of the show are expected to air at some point this year. In each episode, Briggs presents an eclectic horror movie double feature. He often interrupts the movies to expound upon their merits, histories, and significance to genre cinema.

Shudder says, “Love is in the air on Friday, February 12, as Joe Bob hosts The Last Drive-In: Joe Bob Put A Spell on You Valentine’s Special. The double feature starts at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT, only on Shudder! (Special will go on demand February 14.)” We’ll just have to wait and see what Joe Bob Briggs has planned for his upcoming double feature, though that won’t stop his fans from guessing what he has chosen. 1999’s Lovers Lane and 1993’s My Boyfriend’s Back are two other favorites that have been speculated about. You can check out the official announcement of The Last Drive-In: Joe Bob Put A Spell on You Valentine’s Special above, thanks to the official Joe Bob Briggs Twitter account.

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