Joe Burrow Credits Boring Cincinnati For Lack of COVID Cases

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow was asked today at his weekly press conference essentially what advantage his team had moving forward.

His Bengals are getting ready to face off against the Baltimore Ravens in a division game that is set to have heavy playoff implications. Joe brought up the fact that one of the main advantages that the team was going to have was that they were really healthy at this point in the season. That included less injuries than other teams, but what’s maybe more important this year, fewer players on the COVID list.

Joe Burrow has a theory as to why the team has been able to remain relatively clean in that department.

There’s Nothing To Do In Cincinnati & That Keeps Players Indoors

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The weather and the fact that there aren’t a ton of attractions in Cincinnati Ohio are potentially great reasons why a lot of the players are staying indoors. At least that’s Joe Burrow’s theory. He did mention that the team was following the COVID protocol to the letter.

However, with a smirk on his face he admitted that Cincinnati in general was kind of boring. That’s why not a lot of players were out at night and getting COVID. As seems to be the case with many other NFL teams. Joe Burrow mentioned,

“Fortunately there’s not a ton to do in Cincinnati, so it’s not, you know, no one is going out to clubs and bars and getting COVID every weekend.”

How Did Fans Take The News?

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It’s not exactly ideal to have the quarterback of your team come out and say that there’s not a ton of things to do in the city that he plays in. That being said, as someone who actually grew up in Ohio Joe Burrow knows what he’s talking about. Fans, in the YouTube live cast of the press conference were actually in favor of what Burrow was saying.

To be fair, there were potentially not a lot of fans watching the live cast at the time. However, one fan did agree with Burrow saying that smaller market teams had an advantage of larger market teams when it came to the COVID situation. That seems like a bit of common sense.

There’s potentially going to be fewer people even in crowded places in Cincinnati than there will be in LA or other large cities. Therefore, the risk of the disease spreading may be lower.

Taking Advantage Of Being The Healthy Team

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Whether Joe Burrow’s point of view is correct or not, it’s undeniable that the team has been healthier in the past few weeks. Baltimore who they are facing this week had to play with a backup quarterback last week due to an injury to star Lamar Jackson.

On top of that, they had to deal with the different COVID issues as is the case with most of the teams in the league. The Bengals are looking down on the other teams in the division and ahead towards the playoffs. They’re so confident that the official team site is actually already selling home playoff tickets!

They are asking fans to take a leap of faith for sure.

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