John Cena Wanted Peacemaker To Be Bisexual For This Reason

Peacemaker“, the hit spin-off series from DC’s “The Suicide Squad 2,” was wildly popular from the moment its episodes started streaming on HBO in January.

Much of the show’s popularity has centered around the main character, Christopher Smith, aka Peacemaker, and one particular fact that fans liked about him was his bisexuality.

John Cena, the actor who plays Peacemaker, recently spoke about his character, how enthusiastic he was that writer and director James Gunn decided to make Peacemaker bisexual, and how he feels that the series delved deep into the character. Read on to find out what he said.

There Were Several Queer References

Former wrestling star/actor John CenaFormer wrestling star/actor John Cena

Gunn first introduced fans to Peacemaker in “The Suicide Squad 2.” The movie introduced Cena as Peacemaker, a patriotic anti-hero who would follow orders till death. The spin-off series dedicated to the character was announced not long after the film premiered, and it started streaming on HBO Max on January 13th.

The series explored the origins of Smith as Peacemaker and dived deep into the mind of the man, which deepened the viewer’s perceptions of the character. One facet of the character that was never made explicit but heavily referenced was his bisexuality.

There were several hints that Peacemaker is DCEU’s first queer superhero, such as a post-coital scene showing him in bed with Vigilante (Freddie Stroma) and Amber (Alison Araya). Gunn finally confirmed during a recent interview that Peacemaker is truly bisexual.

Cena Was Enthusiastic About Peacemaker’s Bisexuality

James GunnJames Gunn

During an interview with People, Cena discussed how excited and enthusiastic he was that Gunn decided to make Peacemaker bisexual and add it as an element of the show. Gunn had previously credited Cena with the decision, but the “Playing with Fire” actor credited him right back.

He said, “I think, ultimately, that was James Gunn’s choice. I know he’s given me credit for that. I just wanted this guy to have so much about himself to figure out.” Cena also celebrated how Peacemaker’s character unfolded through each episode of the series and said that it helped to show audiences that there is more to Peacemaker than what meets the eye.”

Cena Said Peacemaker Dives Into The Character


Cena also said that he liked that the series helped show more to Peacemaker than what audiences saw from “The Suicide Squad 2.” He said, On the surface, he appears to be: what you see is what you get. And I think a lot of the audience who had seen The Suicide Squad when we announced that there was a Peacemaker spin-off, a lot of them were upset because their first impression was their total impression.”

“We see a bad guy with no redeemable qualities. But when you dive into Peacemaker, the series, you see a human being that is like all of the rest of us,” he continued, “We are using our time here to simply try to figure out what the hell is going on. I thought that was a very unique added dimension, especially because of the snap judgment first impression you get when looking at the Peacemaker character.”

The Show Allowed Audiences To Make Their Own Decisions

Cena also talked about how much he liked that the show gave the audience the freedom to come to their own conclusions regarding his character and the series. He said, “Very much of our show certainly approaches a lot of sensitive subject matter, but it simply just is. Again, it allowed the audience to make their own conclusions.”

Fans have expressed on social media that they liked how the “Fast and Furious 9” actor really brought Peacemaker to life. The actor was definitely very committed to the show; from the unusual opening credits to the twists and turns in the finale, Cena really brought his all.

What any fans would like to see in Peacemaker season two is a more significant emphasis and expression of his bisexuality. Season one was a massive hit for Gunn, Cena, and HBO Max, as it even nabbed the highest-rated single-day ratings ever for its finale.

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