John Ritter’s Cult Classic Stay Tuned Is Becoming a TV Show at AMC

Stay Tuned, the 1992 comedy cult classic starring the late, great John Ritter alongside Pam Dawber, is getting rebooted for the small screen at AMC. Deadline reports that AMC Studios is moving forward with development on a TV series adaptation of the movie from Fear the Walking Dead co-showrunner/executive producer Ian Goldberg and writer/producer Richard Naing as a part of Goldberg’s overall deal with the studio. Additionally, Naing will also be writing the adaptation. Morgan Creek Entertainment, the studio behind the original movie version, will also be on board to executive produce the AMC series.

Released in 1992, the original Stay Tuned movie was written by Jim Jennewein and Tom S. Parker with Peter Hyams directing. Because of its dark humor and bizarre storyline, Tim Burton had originally been set to helm the cult classic before leaving to focus on Batman Returns.The movie stars John Ritterand Pam Dawber as Roy and Helen Knable, a pair of struggling parents who wind up sucked straight into the world of television shows by way of a sinister high-tech satellite dish system. As the two hop from channel to channel just trying to survive, their children (David Tom and Heather McComb) discover their parents on the television set, helping them from the real world to find their way back home.

At the time, Stay Tuned humorously spoofed some of the most famous movies and television shows of the era. This includes seeing Roy and Helen stumble into a show called Duayne’s Underworld, a macabre parody of Wayne’s World. Some of the other bizarre parodies to be featured in the movie include The Golden Ghouls, I Love Lucifer, Three Men and Rosemary’s Baby, and Autopsies of the Rich and Famous. No one who has seen the movie could also forget when Roy and Helen ventured into a Looney Tunes-style cartoon called Rooney Tunes, turning into animated mice with a hungry cat hot on their tails.

There hasn’t been any information revealed about the plot of AMC’s television adaptation, but it seems likely that the upcoming series will similarly spoof some of pop culture’s most famous movies and television shows. It would be surprising if there weren’t mentions of reality shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which have grown tremendously in popularity since the original Stay Tuned premiered in theaters. Other massively popular shows from recent years, including big hits on AMC’s own network like Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and The Walking Dead, are also ripe to be parodied. Anything from the Avengers movies to other popular shows like Game of Thrones all have great potential to be spoofed as well.

In addition to Fear the Walking Dead, Goldberg is also known for co-creating Freeform’s summer camp horror series Dead of Summer alongside Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. Naing would also work as a writer for that series, one of multiple collaborations with Goldberg. The pair also wrote Andr&é &Øvredal’s The Autopsy of Jane Doe and co-wrote the Netflix horror movie Eli with David Chirchirillo. This news was first reported by Deadline.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb

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