Johnny Depp’s Career Irreparably ‘Sunk’ After Amber Heard Allegations?

“It almost doesn’t matter if he wins or loses the case,” an anonymous source said. “He’s damaged goods in the public’s eyes — and Hollywood’s eyes.” The Enquirer then listed more of Heard’s claims, including recorded audio of Depp admitting to head-butting Heard at one point; the magazine paused, however, to downplay Depp’s explanation of how his finger was crushed in one dispute with Heard. None of Heard’s charges received the same scrutiny in the article, and the outlet only briefly mentions a single one of Depp’s accusations of violence from Heard. It summarized Depp’s side of things in a single sentence, mentioning that he’s accused Heard of being a “calculating, narcissistic sociopath.” Of course, it followed that up with one last jab at Depp’s expense, with the anonymous snitch concluding,

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