Joker Easter Egg Discovered in Justice League: The Snyder Cut Trailer

Fans have spotted references to the Joker in the Justice League Snyder Cut trailer, leaving many to wonder if this means Jared Leto will return to the role. In 2016, Leto made his one and only appearance in the DCEU when he debuted as the Clown Prince of Crime in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, although his screen time was rather limited. Although his take on the iconic supervillain is controversial, there are many fans hoping to see Leto make a surprise appearance in the Snyder Cut.

In the Snyder Cut trailer, a burnt Joker’s card can be seen floating in the air. For those who noticed the Easter egg, the card might seem like it’s just a nod to the character, and a mere reference to Batman’s biggest rivalry. Others are thinking that Snyder deliberately snuck in the card as a way of teasing more Joker footage in the upcoming series, although there’s been no indication at this time that Leto will be involved. Because the Snyder Cut will also be unattached to DC’s ongoing movie universe, Snyder will also have the freedom to introduce a new Joker if he so chooses.

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While it remains to be seen if Jared Leto will be back as the Joker in the new Justice League, the character’s arch-nemesis has been confirmed to return in all-new footage shot for the project. Recently, it had been reported that Ben Affleck would be donning the Batsuit once again for Snyder’s Justice League reshoots in addition to reprising the Batman role for The Flash. Joker’s ex-girlfriend, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, has also moved on to lead her own movie with Birds of Prey and will be featured in James Gunn’s Suicide Squad. Isn’t it only natural for Leto to get another shot at playing the Clown Prince of Crime again as well?

In any case, Leto will have plenty of projects to keep him busy in the near future. He is soon crossing over from the DCEU into Sony’s Marvel universe by starring as the titular vampire in the vigilante superhero movie Morbius, which is due to release next year. Leto is also set to star alongside Rami Malek and Denzel Washington in the upcoming thriller The Little Things and is in talks to join an all-star ensemble cast in Ridley Scott’s Gucci movie. Recently, Leto also announced that he’d be portraying legendary artist Andy Warhol in an upcoming biopic.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League will stream as a four-part miniseries on HBO Max in 2021, and an exact premiere date has yet to be revealed. The trailer unveiled at this weekend’s DC FanDome has been met with a very positive response from fans with people looking forward to seeing more of Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, Superman, and The Flash in new footage. Meanwhile, Leto’s fans will continue to hold out hope that the “Damaged” Joker will come back to bring about more mayhem as well. If you missed it, you can check out the official trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League below courtesy of HBO Max on YouTube, along with some fan responses to the Joker’s card Easter egg.

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