Jon Bernthal Has Hope for Punisher Season 3: I’ll Be Ready

Jon Bernthal has just given fans a positive update about the possibility of The Punisher season 3. Marvel had a good partnership going with Netflix for a handful of years, thanks to the success of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. While those shows were planned from the beginning, a show focusing on Frank Castle was not. It wasn’t until fans and critics saw Bernthal in Daredevil, that a stand-alone show was ordered.

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The Punisher season 1 arrived in November 2017 and quickly became a fan-favorite. Marvel Comics fans were excited about the show and season 2, which Netflix announced right away. However, right after the second season aired, it was announced that the show was canceled. Like the rest of the Marvel Netflix shows, it has been assumed that The Punisher is done for good. Jon Bernthal doesn’t seem to think that way. He had this to say about a possible season 3.

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“It’s unbelievably humbling how much people sort of responded to this version of Frank, and I can’t tell you how much it means to me because he means so much to me. He’s in my blood, he’s in my bones… So it’s not about whether we do it, it’s about getting it right, and doing the version that the fans really deserve. We’ll see. I mean, all of those decisions are made in rooms I am not invited into… But Frank’s always there, he’s always a part of me. And when we get the call to go, I’ll be ready, and I’ll make sure that I do everything I can to make sure that we do it right, or we won’t do it at all.”

Could we end up seeing a new version of The Punisher on Disney+? While that would be something that a lot of fans would love, it does seem unlikely. The original series is incredibly violent, and one can’t imagine that Jon Bernthal would be toning Frank Castle down for a family audience. With that being said, there have been some pretty violent sequences in The Mandalorian that have shocked some viewers.

Comic book writer and the Punisher’s co-creator Gerry Conway called Bernthal’s performance a favorite on-screen portrayal of the character and said, “Jon Bernthal gives The Punisher the kind of pathos that’s underneath the tough guy and I really like that.” Fans and critics have agreed and there has been hope for years now that the actor would land somewhere in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Bernthal’s comments make it seem like all hope is not lost on a possible return at some point.

The Punisher season 3 is something that a lot of Marvel fans thought was impossible, so hopefully Jon Bernthal is accurate with his positive outlook on the subject. Some have argued that season 2 of the hit show finished of Frank Castle’s main story arc, there are others who would love to see him now that he has embraced The Punisher moniker. Regardless, if something does happen, it might not be until after the new year. You can check out the entire interview with Jon Bernthal above, thanks to the Geek House Show YouTube channel.

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