Jon Gosselin Hospitalized Over Venomous Spider Bite, Leg Swells Twice the Size

Former reality star Jon Gosselin took an unexpected trip to the hospital over the Thanksgiving holiday, but it did not have anything to do with a cooking injury. Gosselin revealed that he was bitten by a brown recluse spider while sleeping and awoke in “excruciating” pain.

Revealing the extent of his injuries, including a swollen leg from the bite, Gosselin told The Sun his leg swelled up to “twice the size” of normal, along with a “red-looking blister with a large red circle around it.”

Gosselin, who lives in Redding, Pennsylvania with his son Collin and daughter, Hannah, says he was in nearby Philadelphia DJ’ing for the weekend when he awoke in pain and realized he had been bitten by something.

After limping his way to the car and getting himself to the hospital, Jon says the doctor quickly identified the bite was from a brown recluse.

“The doctor told me that I was lucky to come in because if you don’t treat this you can lose limbs or die from a bacterial infection … It’s crazy because one moment I was DJ-ing and having the best weekend and next thing you know my life was in danger again,” Gosselin told The Sun.

Jon was eventually released from the hospital with a prescription of antibiotics and topical cream to treat the bite. He also called in an exterminator to try and locate the 8-legged culprit, but so far no luck.

On the Mend

“It’s finally healing after a week and the swelling has improved and the pain is just where the bite is rather than my entire leg,” Gosselin told the UK publication.

Admitting it’s been a tough 2021 for the father of 8 and ex-husband of Kate Gosselin, as Jon battled COVID earlier this year, as well as ended his long-term relationship with girlfriend, Colleen Conrad.

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