Jonathan Scott Gives Exclusive Sneak Peek Into Home With Zooey Deschanel

Jonathan Scott is showing off some behind-the-scenes details of his new home with his girlfriend, actress Zooey Deschanel. The Park House, as the Property Brothers star and Deschanel call the gorgeous home, took two years to complete renovations but it’s been restored to a new glory. We even got a few peeks at what the house looked like before Scott and Deschanel added their magic touch, which just shows how much work they put into making this house a home.

Inside Jonathan Scott, Zooey Deschanel’s New Home

Now that we’ve gotten a sneak peek inside Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott’s dream home, we’re more curious than ever about the long journey the superstar couple embarked on in order to complete the historic home’s renovation. Scott took to his Instagram account to announce that he’d be giving a tour of the home to show off all the design changes he and Deschanel personally oversaw. 

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There will be more videos focused on different areas of the house uploaded daily so we’ll soon be getting an even better look at the beautiful and bold interiors. While there’s definitely a focus on the home’s looks, there were some very practical additions that Scott was particularly proud of. 

A Real Green House

After touching on the difficulties they’d faced during the renovations that stretched on for two years, Scott exclaimed, “We’re excited cause after this long journey we now have a home that’s ready to entertain. And it’s a green home! We are LEED certified. We actually came in 5000% better than the platinum rating for LEED certification, which means it’s an incredibly environmentally conscious eco friendly efficient home. It’ll use very very little grid power, which is exciting for us too.”

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“In this series of videos,” he continued, “we’re going to tour you through all of the spaces you have been asking about, show you lots of details. This is essentially like the best of the best parts of any of our shows because you’re getting straight to the beauty shots and then I’ll give you some of the details.” 

Keeping Those Historic Details

Scott noted that he and Deschanel didn’t choose the home’s theme so much as it was chosen for them. “It’s a historic home. It’s almost a hundred years old, built in 1938. And, we’re not really modern people. We like that traditional aesthetic, something really classic.”

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“And we wanted it to be that when you walked into this house,” Scott added, “it would look like everything was from 1938. So whether that’s the species of wood we chose for everything or whether it was some of the details like the panel moldings. It was all  inspired by the original architect, who was Gerard Colcord.” 

While Scott focused on the architectural aspects of the build, Deschanel looked to the finishing details that make the difference between good home decor and great home decor. He trusted her “incredible taste” and was glad they were able to split their tasks up so he could focus on construction. Together, they were able to divide and conquer and the results speak for themselves.

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