Jonathan Scott Has A Solution To Taking Down Holiday Lights—Don’t!

It’s the most joyless time of the year. You know what I’m talking about. The day you decide that you’ve left your holiday lights up long enough and force yourself to remove them. As you trudge outside, you probably wish that you could just leave them up year round. Thanks to Jonathan Scott, we know that’s now an option.

For many people, leaving their holiday lights up year round is seen as tacky. Who wants to be the one person with a lit up Santa on your roof in April? Plus, with neighborhood rules and restrictions, you may just get a fine for leaving your Halloween lights up too long. 

Thankfully, Jonathan Scott has weighed in on the issue. The Property Brothers has the perfect solution to the miserable chore of removing your festive lights. If you don’t want to take down your holiday lights, just leave them up!

‘The Coolest Thing Since Sliced Fruitcake’

In a recent Instagram video, Scott gave us the solution we’ve all wanted for holiday lights that are used for a month, six weeks at best. “It’s such a shame that you have to put up the lights for such a short period of time,” Scott said, “and then you have to take them down because they don’t work year round.” 

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Thanks to new technology, instead of taking your lights down, you can leave the lights up year round. You can even change up the colors and patterns for each holiday. What’s better than that?

From Valentine’s Day to Pride Month and Halloween to Hanukkah, the new lights from Twinkly can be used for every season. If it sounds too good to be true, you’re in for a holiday treat! Yes, the new light technology can do it all. In fact, the lights can even display words, symbols, and faces. It’s definitely a step up from the boring white lights many of us have used for decades.

So how do the lights work? Apparently, there’s a mapping technology where you film the tree or placement of the lights. Then the map highlights where every single light is on the tree, gives you a 3D model, and tada! The lights become completely customized to your heart’s desire. What’s more is that if you put the lights on a large wall or hedge, you can also add symbols, shapes, or words to the lights. 

Even if you opt out of purchasing the Twinkly lights, the new technology could be good news for all of us who want to leave our holiday lights up year round. The more people who have lights up 365/24/7, the less stigmatized having the reindeer sled on my roof year round becomes. 

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