Julia Fox Curses & Warns People About Hitting Her Up

Julia Fox learned a thing or two from Kanye West about Instagram rants.

The “Uncut Gems” actress took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday, November 15th and warned her 1.4 million followers, fans and friends: “don’t f**king hit me up!”

She explained she is just too damn busy right now doing Julia, and she doesn’t need people getting mad at her for ignoring them.

Julia Fox Is Too Busy To Be Bothered Right Now!

Uncut Gems - Los Angeles Premiere

“Um, okay… I can’t believe I have to do this, but don’t f**king hit me up. Nobody,” she started off her emotional rant. “Okay, don’t get mad if I don’t answer your calls or answer your texts. I’ve said it time and time again, I’m writing my f**king book, okay?”

She didn’t stop her aggressive PSA there.

“If I’m not writing my book, I’m tending to my son. So, I don’t care if we’re friends, I don’t care if we work together, do not hit me up,” she warned. “I don’t care about job opportunities, I don’t care about no collabs, no brand deals… NOTHING. I’m writing my f**king book, f**k off!”

Julia Fox Tells Everyone To “F**K OFF”

In March, Fox announced she was working on a book.

In an interview with Variety’s Marc Malkin following the Oscars, the actress said, “I don’t wanna give too much of it away ’cause I’m very superstitious, so I don’t like to speak of things before they’re finished.”

She claimed it’s a “masterpiece.”

[embedded content]

When asked if it was fiction or a memoir, Fox said it began as a memoir, “but now it’s just like my first book, you know? So yeah. That’ll be coming out soon.”

Fox hinted she has A LOT of content to write about following her breakup from West.

She recently admitted her relationship with the rapper was detrimental to her acting career.

Fox and the Yeezy designer began dating at the beginning of 2022 after meeting in Miami during a New Year’s Eve party.

Julia Fox Said Dating Kanye West Didn’t Help Her Acting Career

The couple was very public with their relationship, but called it quits in February. He began dating Chaney Jones within days of their breakup.

Kanye West's Performance PULLED By The Grammys Over 'Online Behavior'

The actress joined a November 7 episode of the “High Low with EmRata” podcast with model Emily Ratajkowski. There she admitted that contrary to what most people thought, she faced drawbacks due to her past relationship with West.

“After the big relationship, I definitely noticed a shift in the acting way, not in a good way,” Fox revealed. “I’m not getting as many offers as I was before, weirdly. There’s been a lot of weird drawbacks with reaching that level of notoriety.”

Fox explained that due to the relationship, several people in the industry thought of her as a “tabloid type of person” and a “liability.”

However, the mother of one revealed that she had no intention of allowing their comments to create a dent in her career or stop her from going after her goals.

As you saw from her Instagram video, Fox doesn’t “care about job opportunities.”

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