Jupiter’s Legacy Teaser Reveals Mark Millar’s New Superhero Series for Netflix

Netflix has shared a new teaser trailer for Jupiter’s Legacy, which brings with it a release date for the upcoming superhero series. The show is based on the graphic novels of the same name by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely. It is described as “an epic superhero drama that spans decades and navigates the complex dynamics of family, power, and loyalty.” It is also the first series to come about following Netflix’s acquisition of Millarworld in 2017.

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The teaser doesn’t give us anything by way of actual footage. Instead, we hear a voiceover from Josh Duhamel, who plays one of the characters in the show. It slowly leads to the reveal of the title and logo. We then get an official release date, which is now set for May 7. With that in mind, we should expect to see a full trailer sooner rather than later. Duhamel’s character can be heard saying the following in the video.

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“One day you’re going to be stronger than anyone else in the world. Every evil you can imagine is going to rise up against mankind, not for justice, but for vengeance. And you’re going to be the future.”

Imagic Comics originally published the book in 2013. Per the publisher, “The world’s greatest heroes have grown old and their legacy is a poisonous one to the children who will never live up to their remarkable parents.” In Netflix’s version of Jupiter’s Legacy, after nearly a century of keeping mankind safe, the world’s first generation of superheroes must look to their children to continue their legacy. However, tensions rise as the young superheroes, eater to prove their worth, struggle to live up to their parents’ legendary public reputations, and exacting personal standards.

Sang Kyu Kim (Altered Carbon, The Walking Dead) serves as showrunner and executive producer for the series. Mark Millar, James Middleton, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Dan McDermott and Frank Quitely also serve as executive producers. The cast also includes Leslie Bibb (Iron Man), Ben Daniels (House of Cards), Elena Kampouris (My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2), Andrew Horton (It Came from the Desert), Mike Wade (SEAL Team) and Matt Lanter (Timeless).

Marvel is locked up at Disney and DC is firmly in place at Warner Bros. Other companies that wish to get in on the superhero/comic book movie and TV show game need to look elsewhere. Netflix knew that and turned to Mark Millar in 2017, acquiring his company, Millarworld, and all of the titles in its library. Some of the other well-known titles from the publisher include Kingsman and Kick-Ass, though those rights are tied up elsewhere due to deals that were cut before the Netflix purchase.

In any case, this gives the streaming service a whole comic book company to pull from for future adaptations. Some of the other Millarworld projects in the works include American Jesus, Empress, Huck and Sharkey the Bounty Hunter. Jupiter’s Legacy arrives on May 7 on the Netflix streaming service. Be sure to check out the teaser for yourself.

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