‘Just A Little Shady’ Podcast Has Hailie Jade Talking About Relationship With Dad Eminem

Hailie Jade Scott has been asked about her famous father Eminem on many occasions throughout her life. During her first “Ask Me Anything” segment on her podcast, “Just A Little Shady,” she decides to tackle the question about how she feels when people ask her questions about her father.

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Choosing The First Question To Answer On The Podcast

Scott started the segment off by saying, “So we’re gonna do a segment where I answer questions that you guys ask. So I did an ‘Ask Me Anything’ and I got a lot of questions, a lot of good questions, but I feel like a good first question to answer, since a lot of questions were about my dad, the first question I feel like I should answer – ‘Does it bother me when I get asked about my dad?’”

Hailie Jade
Hailie Jade – Instagram

Scott Explained Why It’s Not A Yes Or No Answer

The podcast host said she decided to tackle that question first because a lot of the questions were actually about her dad. “The best way to say this is yes and no.” Her co-host and childhood best friend Brittany Ednie jokingly responded, “Clear answer.”

She continued explaining why it’s both a yes and no answer. “But honestly, it’s to a point, so like, I obviously expect it and there are certain things I can understand why people are just genuinely curious about, as anyone would be when you’ve kind of grown up like half in the spotlight,” she said. “But then once it gets past that point though I’m like, I’m a person too, I think I have more to offer than just my dad, so it becomes like tricky because like I get it, but then like I said after a certain extent, I’m not going to speak on behalf of anyone. I’m not gonna answer stuff that I don’t specifically have the answers to. So I mean, I guess, yes and no. Is that a good response?”

Scott continued by explaining what it was like while she was growing up. “I feel like growing up when it would happen I would get more bothered by it because I was like why do people care? Like I don’t know, because I was young and I didn’t totally understand the situation,” she said. “I was just like that’s my dad, like I don’t ask you about your dad.”

A TikTok Teaser Had Viewers Commenting On Being Asked Questions About Eminem

A teaser to the podcast was posted on TikTok and viewers had some things to say about the new “Ask Me Anything” segment, as well as the podcast itself. And many of the comments had to do with Eminem, further proving Scott’s point about constantly being asked questions about her famous father.

“Since em raised us all, she is our sister.”

“I dunno, I’m a huge fan of your dad’s, but at this point I think I’d rather meet you 🤷‍♂️😅”

“I’ve been wondering about this for so long tbh”

“Might as well do one off episode of questions all about your parents and then tell everyone that all future questions will only be about you.”

“You should bring your dad on the podcast”

“I think there’s just so much curiosity. I mean I’ve always wondered growing up what it would be like to have Eminem as ur dad.”

“Most of us know who you are is because of your dad. Which is totally understandable. I love listening to you and hearing about your perspective!!”

Hailie Jade
Hailie Jade – Instagram

The rest of this episode of the podcast discussed their feelings on aging, how technology has progressed over their lifetimes, the moon landing conspiracy, first time fowling disasters, and this week’s shady stories. Their first episode of the weekly podcast aired on July 15, and over the course of nine episodes, the two besties have discussed topics such as mental breakdowns, mistakes they made while doing a traveling podcast, their time at Lollapalooza, sororities, “Stranger Things” and many other relatable topics.

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