Kaley Cuoco, Karl Cook Planning Pregnancy After Moving In Together?

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook have officially moved in together for the first time in their entire relationship, and according to a few reports, that can only mean that a baby is on the way. While their living situation was unusual, it seems to have created some whispers about the couple expecting.

OK! declared that “It’s Baby Time!” for Cuoco and Cook since they moved in together. “Up until now, they were living separately, so settling into a home together will be like a second honeymoon,” an anonymous source told the outlet. “They hope to be pregnant by fall — Kaley’s already designing a nursery!” As evidence of the couple’s parenting plans, the magazine refers to the couple’s various pets. “Kaley thinks Karl’s going to be the best dad. Their dogs follow him around as is,” the “insider” revealed. “They’re excited about what their future holds!” The tabloid closed out the article by saying that they’ll stay on watch for a baby bump.

Star had a similar report until the bold headline, “Karl & Kaley Expecting?” According to its unnamed source, the house was just step one in taking the relationship to the next level. “Kaley’s telling friends that starting a family is next on their list,” the tipster said. “But everyone is wondering if she’s already pregnant.” The tabloid then pointed to the actress being seen “concealing her midsection” while filming her upcoming HBO Max series The Flight Attendant. She’s also been “eating healthier and avoiding alcohol,” the supposed insider snitched, adding, “She’s glowing — and radiant.”

Pregnancies are extremely private situations, and it’s not unheard of for a celebrity to have a low-key first few months or to keep their parenting plans secret until the due date. That being said, there’s a lot of problems here. While these two stories are extremely similar, they’re both misleading in slightly different ways. OK!‘s take is just silly, and it’s clearly made-up. For one, having to suddenly switch up your living situation on the fly as well as moving in together in the middle of a pandemic is pretty dang far from a “second honeymoon” sort of situation. Having a worldwide health crisis raging on and an extremely limited amount of opportunities for alone time or private excursions aren’t ideal conditions for any couple, let alone one that’s living together for the first time.

Besides, the supposed insider’s scoop is actually just something Cuoco herself publicly mentioned months ago. The bit about her admiring his parenting abilities because of their pets? That’s from one of Cuoco’s Instagram videos from January. She joked about her husband spoiling one of their dogs, saying, “Is this a view into the future of what our kids would be like, or how we would raise kids?” She followed the parenting discussion with a very important detail: “Everybody calm down,” she said, “I’m not pregnant, I’m just thinking ahead.” Clearly this “source” was just hoping the average would’ve forgotten about the video and taken their word for it.

Star, meanwhile, could only provide information that was either flat-out wrong or totally baseless. While she’s still staying in killer shape during the quarantine, as evident from some recent Instagram posts. she also wrote on the social media platform that she’s been making sure she’s ready to get back to her career as soon as she can. And despite what this supposedly insightful tipster said, she’s not shying away from alcohol.

In an April interview with Conan O’Brien, she brought up her husband’s bartending skills. “So, my favorite drink is an old fashioned, but Karl, he has created the ‘Karl Fashioned,’ which involves scotch,” she said, “Get into my belly, scotch! It is so delightful, and we’ve had a lot of those.” Cuoco also posted an Instagram story earlier this month of she and her husband leaving their hotel’s bar with drinks in hand.

Even the source’s comments about Cuoco’s show don’t add up. The show started filming in December 2019 and went on hiatus due to coronavirus in March. At what point was she protecting her belly? It’s been more than six months since the show started production, and there hasn’t been a single word about her stomach or possible pregnancy from any legitimate publication. The closest thing we’ve seen is praise for her toned abs.

And the mere mention of a “bump watch” is laughable considering how frequently the tabloid ignores the truth to push what it thinks people want to read. OK! once tried to argue that Margot Robbie’s fake pregnancy bump for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was a sign that she had one of her own. It also falsely reported that Cameron Diaz was pregnant with her second child after another unnamed tipster said she was avoiding alcohol and paying attention to her stomach. Star has claimed so many celebrity couples are pregnant with twins that we’ve pretty much lost count. Bottom line, there’s not a single reason to trust these bogus reports.

Our Verdict

We’re not ruling out a future pregnancy, but these rumors seem extremely misleading at best and outright made-up at worst.

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