Kate Middleton ‘Keen’ to Invite Prince Harry To Prince William’s Birthday Bash, But Not Meghan Markle, Claims Royal Reporter

Prince William turned 40 last week and he’s set to have a huge party this summer. One rumor says Kate Middleton is organizing the shindig and would love for Prince Harry to attend without Meghan Markle. Gossip Cop investigates.

Kate Middleton Very Keen On Prince Harry’s Attendance

Per Express, Queen Elizabeth and Middleton have been working all year on the proper way to celebrate William’s milestone birthday. She turned 40 in January, but COVID-19 forced the party to be delayed indefinitely. The hope is to hold a joint party for the Cambridge’s this summer.

One royal expert says Middleton is “very keen” on inviting her brother-in-law Harry,but there’s been “no mention of Meghan.” Middleton thinks the birthday party would be a great way to spend time with Harry and help bridge the gap to the Duke of Sussex. She’d like to see her friendship with Harry return to what it was like back in the old days.

Short And Scrapworthy

Have you ever noticed how the media tirelessly portrays Middleton as a saint-like figure doing all she can to keep the royal family together? Gossip Cop has called out tabloids before for their blatant hypocrisy in covering Middleton and Markle. Middleton can do no wrong, while Markle can do no right.

This story serves as an excellent example. We get loads of details about how much Middleton cares about Harry and how she wants him to attend, but it’s unclear if she’d invite Markle at all. Imagine if the opposite was true. If Markle was throwing a party for Harry and deliberately snubbed Middleton, how do you think that story would sound?

It’s hard to imagine the royal family being so brazen as to invite Harry but not Markle. It’s even harder to imagine Harry actually flying across the world to attend a party his wife has been willfully snubbed from. Furthermore, Middleton already had a birthday party. She and some select royals had a small gathering at the Cambridges’ mansion in Norfolk. After the expense of her and William’s torrid trip to the Caribbean, not to mention the Platinum Jubilee, it would be a terrible look for the royal family to throw another huge party at the taxpayer’s expense.

Not On Great Terms

Until the Platinum Jubilee, it looked like William and Harry were mending their rift. One report said the two were FaceTiming regularly, but then the trip happened. William and Middleton refused to make time to visit Lilibet Diana, and now it feels like we’re back at square one.

If Middleton wasn’t willing to meet her niece in person, then it’s hard to imagine she’s suddenly pining for Harry back in her life. Nothing in this story matches reality, and it’s just another attempt to pit the duchesses against each other.

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