Kate Middleton’s Sister Pippa Stands To Inherit A Title Of Her Own, Here’s What We Know

The royal family is nothing without its titles. Other than Queen Elizabeth, nearly every single royal can expect a title change at some point. One such person is Pippa Middleton. The sister of Kate Middleton has made waves of her own, and someday she’ll inherit her own title. Here’s why.

Royalty Begets Titles

Kate and Pippa Middleton are not royal by blood. The sisters grew up in a well-to-do family where they received the best education money could buy. Pippa attended the University of Edinburgh, where she rubbed shoulders with the Dukes of Roxburghe and Northumberland.

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The family’s fate changed irrevocably in 2010 when Kate married Prince William. Suddenly Pippa was a tabloid figure. Her appearance at their wedding was widely praised, and the products she used enjoyed a boost in sales. She’s largely stayed out of trouble.

Pippa Middleton Marries Royalty

In 2016, Pippa got engaged to former race car driver James Matthews. They wed the following year, and share three children together. Like her sister, Pippa married into a title of her own. Unlike Kate, it’s far more obscure.

Matthews is the son of David Matthews. He’s an auto-magnate who, in 2008, purchased the North Affric Estate at Glen Affric in Scotland. It’s 15 miles west of Loch Ness. Owning the land gives David the Scottish feudal title of Laird of Glen Affric. This is an ancient royal title based on land ownership.

When David dies, James is set to become Laird of Glen Affric. This means Pippa will someday be Lady of Glen Affric. Until that day, she can use the title Mrs. Matthew of Glen Affric the Younger. That’s a bit of a mouthful, especially when compared to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Someday Kate will inherit the two most famous titles in the entire royal family: the Princess of Wales and Queen.

What’s Pippa Middleton Up To?

As Pippa waits to someday become the Lady of Glen Affric, she’s busy bringing immense joy into her world. She and Matthews have just welcomed their second daughter into the world, but we do not know what her name is. The baby joins older siblings Arthur and Grace.

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Someday, Arthur, who is currently probably learning how to tell time, will become the Laird of Glen Affric himself as his cousin Prince George becomes King of England. We have a long way to go before that day ever comes. Congratulations to Pippa and the whole Middleton family.

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