Keanu Reeves Preparing For ‘Biggest Role Of His Life,’ Being A Dad?

Is Keanu Reeves ready to start a family with longtime girlfriend Alexandra Grant? Around this time last year, one tabloid claimed Reeves and Grant were planning to have a baby. We’re checking back in on the Matrix star.

Keanu Reeves ‘Ready To Start A Family At 56’?

Twelve months ago, OK! reported Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant were ready to take a big step in their relationship. The magazine recounted some of the tragedies and losses Reeves had faced in his life before claiming he and Grant were ready to start fresh. An inside source spilled to the outlet, “There have been whispers that Keanu and Alexandra may soon be ready to take the next step and start a family together.”

The insider went on to say fatherhood “would be the biggest role of [Reeve’s] life” and “friends think nothing would bring him more joy than being a dad.” The outlet pointed to comments Reeves made years ago in an interview where he said he’d like to be a dad one day. Reeves even remarked that the sleep deprivation that comes along with parenting could be nice in a way.

Keanu Reeves Fulfilling Dream Of Being A Dad?

While Reeves expressed joy at the idea of being a father in a 2008 interview, he hasn’t followed up on the comments at all in the last thirteen years. It’s safe to say his plans changed. Aside from a decade-old remark and word from unnamed “insiders,” the outlet doesn’t go into any more detail about Reeves’ alleged plans. We were actually able to reach out to a representative for Reeves at the time that called the story “completely false.”

Besides, Keanu Reeves’ career has seen a resurgence in the last few years, and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon. The actor recently finished filming the fourth installment in the Matrix franchise, is currently filming the fourth John Wick movie, and has many more projects down the pipeline. Even if Reeves were trying to start a family, now wouldn’t be ideal from a career viewpoint.

The Tabloid On Keanu Reeves

But we wouldn’t trust anything OK! says about Keanu Reeves. The outlet constantly gets it wrong about the actor. Last November, the magazine claimed Reeves and Grant would be married by Christmas. Of course, the holidays passed with no wedding. Then, the tabloid reported Reeves and Grant planned to wed in a “low-key” backyard ceremony. Again, no wedding followed. And back in April, the publication alleged Reeves was taking a four-month acting hiatus to go on a spiritual journey. As far as we can tell, Reeves has been working this whole time. Obviously, OK! has no insight into Reeves’ personal or professional life.

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