Keke Palmer Reveals Baby’s Sex, Will Be Welcoming A ‘Pisces’ Or An ‘Aries’ Bundle Of Joy

Keke Palmer dropped the sex of her baby last night and it may have been an accident but she rolled with the punches anyway.

Keke Palmer Will Be A Mummy Soon!

Pregnant KeKe Palmer seen leaving her hotel to head to the Critics Choice Awards

The actress appeared on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night and let it slip that she is having a baby boy. The actress is really into astrology and signs and she revealed the likely signs that her baby will be born under.

“Do you know—I know you’re into signs,” says Fallon. Keke knew right where he was going with this one. “Exactly,” she says rubbing her hands together excited. “So, my baby is either going to be Pisces or Aries, I’m not sure exactly,” she admits but goes into the lore of the signs.

“Like, I mean Pisces—Let me know, guys, Pisces are known to be very deep, they’re emotional creatures,” quips. Being a Virgo, Keke was worried about her sharp tongue with an emotional Pisces. “So, I just want to make sure I’m not too blunt for my baby boy,” she said casually.

Wait, A Baby Boy, Keke Palmer?

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The actress sped pass the gender reveal like it was nothing, no facial reactions, nobody twitched, not a nothing! And so did Jimmy. Do they know something we don’t know? Keke kept on talking about her son saying, “you know, I don’t want to be like ‘look, what’s up?’” she joked noting that she can be sassy and a little too “tell it like it is.”

“I need to wade in the water with a Pisces, wade in the water,” she laughed along with Jimmy. “Just keep it chill, child, keep it chill now.”

Fallon took a moment to give Keke her flowers saying he is amazed at everything she is doing, has done, and continues to do. Fallon listed off a couple of Keke’s achievements so far including all the accolades she is receiving for Nope.

Keke Palmer Is Glowing

Keke Palmer leaving her hotel during Paris Fashion Week

The “Baby This Is Keke Palmer” host was giving off the pregnancy glow like nobody’s business. She accessorized her natural glow with a deep red dress that sat off her shoulders and hit just below the knee!

Her bump was present and prominent, and she carried it well although we couldn’t tell if she was hanging low or not another old wives way of indicating if someone is having a boy or a girl. But if miss Palmer tells us she is having a boy, then we are going to believe she is having a boy.

But we would be remised if we didn’t acknowledge when she indicated that a girl was on the way!

Keke Palmer, Are You Actually Having A Girl?

NYFW Michael Kors Outside Arrivals

Earlier this month Keke joked about baby genders on Twitter. “It kills me when guys are disappointed that they are having a girl, like they aren’t the reason for that genetic outcome lmao.”

She followed up that tweet by writing, “baby girls … a blessing.” Keke didn’t say she was having a baby girl, but the speculation went wild on social media. Here she is though, telling us that she is having a boy and we are just as excited.

Congratulations on whatever you’re having, Keke, just pray for health, girl!

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