Kelly Clarkson ‘On The Prowl,’ Using Her Talk Show To ‘Connect’ With Men?

This article was a headache to get through. The concept of one famous person giving another famous person dating advice has been an ongoing trend in the tabloids, almost to the point that it’s no longer fun to debunk. There’s also the fact that the tabloid, and its almost certainly fake sources, paint Clarkson out to be some kind of boyfriend-stealing hussy. Yes, Clarkson was clearly excited for the chance to have Reeves on her show, but her demeanor was never anything but professional. Besides, several other people were present during the virtual interview, including Reeves’ Bill And Ted Face The Music costar Alex Winter. Reality simply doesn’t match up with the tale this tabloid is pushing, which leads us to believe that the entire story, from top to bottom, is completely made up.

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