Kelly Ripa, Kathie Lee Gifford Feuding Over Regis Philbin?

Anger Over Crocodile Tears And A Decade-Plus Of Bad Blood?

Whenever there is a tragic death in Hollywood, you can rest assured tabloids will exploit the deceased to sell magazines. In a cover story entitled “the fight over Regis,” Star is claiming Ripa and Gifford are “clashing.” Apparently, “the bad blood between Kelly and Kathie Lee goes way back,” and Philbin’s death has revitalized those bad feelings. An anonymous insider claims “Kelly turned her back on Regis after he left the show, and Kathie Lee’s well aware of that.” On Ripa’s end, she’s allegedly jealous because she “could never really compete with the bond Kathie Lee had with Regis, and Kelly still resents her for it.”

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