Kelly Rizzo Marks 4th Wedding Anniversary With Late Bob Saget: ‘Most Special Day’

Kelly Rizzo is choosing to continue basking in love!

The widowed Rizzo, who lost her beloved Bob Saget earlier in January, is memorializing him in the most affectionate way ever.

Given that Thursday, October 28, marked the couple’s fourth wedding anniversary, the blonde-haired beauty unsurprisingly acknowledged the milestone on Instagram with a beautiful message of love for Saget.

Kelly Rizzo Says ‘I Love You Forever’ In Fourth Wedding Anniversary Tribute To Bob Saget

“Happy 4-year anniversary, honey,” Rizzo began her tribute. “Our wedding was the most special day for us and our loved ones, and I will cherish these memories for the rest of my life.”

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She recounted details from the momentous event revealing that Bruce Springsteen’s “Tougher Than the Rest” was their first dance song.

The Chicago-born blogger continued with praises for the late actor as she noted that he was “truly” made of sterner stuff, “better and more wonderful and funnier and stronger, and more caring than the rest.”

Rounding off the heartwarming message, she wrote, “The world will never be the same without you. I love you forever.”

Not only did Rizzo use words to pay homage to her sweetheart, but she added a video montage featuring the couple on their wedding day, with their first dance song used as the soundtrack.

It began with a close-up view of the couple, staring affectionately into one another’s eyes, and was followed by them sharing a kiss on the altar in front of the wedding guests. Afterward, a picture of the duo laughing came up with Rizzo facing the invitees while her late husband had his eyes solely on her.

The video went on with glimpses of them joyfully dancing, then laughing hard together, and ending with a shot of them in each other’s arms, gazing lovingly, without a care in the world.  Rizzo’s tribute post has gained 277k views and counting, with thousands of remarks from fans sending love, honoring Saget’s memory, and wishing her a happy anniversary. 

Ahead of the duo’s wedding anniversary, the actress, who cannot live without her deceased partner, honored him with a permanent spot on her arm.

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As previously reported by The Blast, Rizzo unveiled a new martini tattoo she got in his memory. The drawing was done on her arm, close to her inner elbow. In an accompanying message, she explained the significance of the sentimental ink and credited the artist behind it. 

She penned, “My tattoo for Bob. He loved his martinis so much,” while she mentioned the Laguna Beach-based tattoo artist Rick Coury for his “amazing single needlework.”

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Saget and Rizzo’s fourth wedding anniversary milestone comes weeks after the show host marked her late husband’s nine-month death anniversary. The bereaved Rizzo shared a touching never-seen-before video on her Instagram featuring the merry couple. 

The reel showed the lovebirds locked in push-up positions as they answered questions asked by a female voice in the viral “couple’s challenge” trend. Several of the questions included, “Who was interested first?” “Who said I love you first?” “Who is more protective,” “Who eats more?” and “Who spends the most money?”

The loving pair could be seen wearing an all-black outfit, with Rizzo wearing a T-shirt and knee-length leggings, while Saget wore a round-neck T-shirt, sweatpants, and black socks. 

The captured moments were evidently joyful, and in the accompanying caption, the video creator penned, “9 months without him. It feels like forever and also one day, all at the same time. I love looking back on these videos to see how much joy and silliness and fun and love we shared.”

She added that as the “pain and grief ebbs and flows,” she still had some not-so-good days, and every day, there is a “palpable hole” where Saget used to be. Nevertheless, Rizzo acknowledged that her late husband “left behind so much residual love and laughter that he still feels so near and present.”

In conclusion, she revealed that their fourth wedding anniversary was imminent and promised to share more thoughts. 

She also mentioned that she and the late Grammy nominee had “a blast” making the video before adding, “Miss you and love you so much, honey.”

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