Kim Kardashian Allegedly Furious With Kris Jenner For Making Moves On Pete Davidson, Gossip Says

Is Kim Kardashian sick of her “cash-hungry” mom Kris Jenner micromanaging her new relationship with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson? A tabloid claims the 61-year-old momager has been sticking her nose in her daughter’s new romance and has been “nonstop flirting” with the 28-year-old comedian. Gossip Cop looked into this latest rumor. 

Kris Jenner ‘Micromanaging’ Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson Romance?

According to a recent issue of the National Enquirer, there’s some new tension between Kim Kardashian and her mom, Kris Jenner. Jenner, who is notorious for her hands-on approach to her children’s careers, has allegedly been meddling in Kardashian’s relationship with Pete Davidson. 

Sources confided in the outlet that Jenner viewed the new romance as “ratings gold” and has been trying every trick in the book to capitalize on it. “She’s been setting up photo ops and leaking info left and right,” a source told the tabloid, adding, “She’s completely taken over and is acting like she’s the one dating Pete.” 

In addition to siccing paparazzi on the new lovers, “image-conscious” Jenner has allegedly also been trying to tinker with Davidson’s appearance by “sending him clothes and offering to set him up with everything from a dermatologist to a glam squad,” a source explained. 

Kardashian Being ‘Bulldozed’ By ‘Bossy’ Mom

“It’s way over the top. That isn’t going down well with Kim,” the suspicious insider continued. “She’s like, ‘I’ve got this, Mom. Let me tell YOU how it’s going to play out.’ But Kris is bulldozing in typical style — and not letting her plan this relationship for herself.” 

Compounding Kim Kardashian’s recent woes is the fact that her estranged husband Kanye West has bought a new home directly across the street from where she lives with the former couple’s four children. “Kim’s not happy about this. The last thing she needs while she’s in a budding romance is her ex-husband butting in!” the snitch exclaimed. 

All of this stress is weighing on Kardashian, and her mother’s interference hasn’t helped one bit. “Kim has been trying to play it cool, but Kris won’t listen. She sees Pete as a ticket to ride financially — a great addition to the clan!” Once again, we’re begging tabloids to find a word other than “clan” to describe the Kardashian/Jenner family. It’s an awkward word choice, to say the least, to describe a family whose members often date Black people and are the parents to biracial children. 

Our personal feelings about the matter aside, the article continues, with one source insisting that Pete Davidson, despite Kardashian’s worries, is apparently unbothered by Jenner’s “heavy-handed” antics. He’s even agreed to appear on the family’s new Hulu reality show. “He’s already signed his NDA and is being groomed for some key episodes in the next TV series after spending the holidays with his honey. But Kim’s not happy about how her mom’s handled this,” the tattler commented. 

Making matters worse, allegedly, is the fact that Jenner can’t stop hitting on her daughter’s much younger boyfriend. Kardashian “hates how Kris flirts with Pete. It’s creepy and inappropriate,” the source divulged, adding, “But Kris is telling Kim to shut her trap, play the game and count the cash!”  

Gossip Cop’s On The Case

It would take a lot of evidence to convince us to believe a story about the Kardashian family that comes from the Enquirer, and this particular tall tale just doesn’t pass muster. Kris Jenner has certainly been inappropriately flirty with males who enter the family’s circle, including making flirtatious comments about her then-stepson Brody Jenner, comparing his back to his father’s, Caitlyn Jenner, whom Jenner was married to at the time. 

That being said, Jenner’s actions at that time could be attributed to trying to bridge the gap between herself and Brody, with whom she had acknowledged she had an “awkward” relationship with. We won’t know for sure what Kris Jenner and Pete Davidson’s relationship looks like until the family’s new reality show premieres. 

One of the biggest reasons we’re viewing this story with such suspicion is because we’ve caught the Enquirer in a number of lies over the years. Just a year ago, the tabloid declared Kim Kardashian “radioactive” and insisted she was struggling to date following her divorce announcement. Obviously, that was untrue, given the nature of this latest rumor. 

Then there was the tabloid’s September 2021 report that Kris Jenner had ordered Kardashian to call off her divorce with Kanye West. The divorce is still proceeding as planned and Jenner has made no public remark about the split, either for or against it. This outlet has a nasty habit of lying to its readers, so it would come as no surprise that this latest story is a dud as well.

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