Kim Kardashian Demands Freedom For Imprisoned Rapper Gunna Amid RICO Charges

TV personality Kim Kardashian has recently revealed her interest in a new and very popular legal case. On Wednesday, the famous reality star tweeted her support for rapper Gunna, expressing that she wants to see him released from jail where he is currently awaiting a trial set for 2023.

Gunna was arrested and arraigned with charges of receiving stolen property and possessing drugs with the intent to sell. His lawyers have applied for bonds twice and been rejected both times. The rapper himself has pushed publicly for his release, which motivated many fans and celebrities to show their support.

Kardashian has recently been popular for her legal advocacy and fights for prison reform. She has also helped many prisoners get free, which has made fans hope that her interest in Gunna’s case is a good sign.

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Kim Kardashian Tweeted Her Support

Kim Kardashian amongst other celebrities attend Balenciaga afterparty in Paris

Over recent years, Kardashian has popularly dived into the legal and prison sector. She is currently studying to become a lawyer, is a prison reform advocate, and has used her influence and legal knowledge to help many prisoners get free and restart their lives. 

On Wednesday, she shared a tweet to her over 70 million followers. The tweet read, “#FreeGunna” and included emojis saying “Free P,” which is a reference to Gunna’s popular song, “Pushin P.”

In the comment section, many fans thanked Kardashian for her support of Gunna; some questioned if the beauty mogul was serious or if her account was hacked. Some fans hoped the beauty mogul would help bring the rapper home.

Kim Kardashian Has Helped People Get Free

Kim Kardashian on Instagram
Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Kardashian, her lawyer, Brittney K.Barnett, and their legal team have helped to run and fund several big campaigns to help prisoners by commuting their sentences and restoring their freedom and life. 

The team has previously freed a 64-year-old woman named Alice Marie Johnson, who was convicted of a nonviolent drug charge and had served 19 years in prison. Kardashian made a direct petition to former President Donald Trump and secured Johnson’s release.

In another case, the team helped to free Crystal Munoz and more than 15 other women from prison. They funded the 90 Days of Freedom Campaign, which was created after Trump signed the First Step Act, effectively banning the inhuman treatment of pregnant women and women in labor in prison.

Gunna Was Denied Bond Again

Gunna arriving at Heron Preston show during the Paris Fashion week 2019

After being denied bond the first time, Gunna’s lawyers filed a second time and were denied. The court has mandated that the rapper be held in a Georgia jail until January 2023, when he is scheduled to go on trial and answer the charges. 

Judge Ural D.Glanville, the judge on Gunna’s case, expressed that the rapper is a key witness, a person of interest, and a flight risk. After the pronouncement, Steve Sadow, Gunna’s rapper, spoke to TMZ. He said, “Sergio Kitchens, a/k/a Gunna and the defense team are very disappointed in the denial of bond.”

“Gunna produced substantial evidence that bond was warranted for him,” he continued, “The prosecution again produced no evidence at all; instead, it chose to rely on vague and non-specific allegations and speculation through the statements of the prosecutor alone.”

He Was Accused Of Drug And Theft Charges

Gunna has pled not guilty to the charges of drug possession and receipt of stolen property and insisted that he is innocent. The “Drip Too Hard” rapper also penned an open letter on his birthday, saying that the U.S constitution and its amendments have failed him. 

In the letter, he also spoke about how his big breakout year turned into something else so fast. He wrote, “22 & 2, just a bed & a shower, no windows just walls. Can’t see or talk to anyone. I’m writing now & still praying everyday. I was raised to fight fire with water, even tho my country’s amendments have failed me! PROTECT BLACK ART!”

Many other celebrities, asides from Kardashian, have expressed their support for the rapper, such as T.I, Post Malone, and Metro Boomin. Fans can only hope that Kardashian can do something in the fight for his release.

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