Kim Kardashian Keeping A Divorce Diary?

Has Kim Kardashian Found A Way Out?

“Kim’s lost count of the insults and tirades Kanye’s aimed at people she loves, often over the most trivial things,” the so-called source says. Even though the controversial rapper apologized to his wife, the tabloid claims Kardashian still loves her husband, but she’s worried his recent outbursts “might be too difficult to come back from.” We can’t begin to imagine how the Keeping Up with The Kardashians star feels during this difficult time, but the tabloid’s premise about a “secret diary” seems a bit out there, to say the least. No one plans to get divorced. Plus, Kardashian has vocally supported her husband throughout this difficult time. The reality star shared a post on her Instagram asking fans to show her spouse “empathy” and “compassion”. We can’t predict the future when it comes to West and Kardashian’s marriage these days, but it’s highly unlikely Kim Kardashian has been planning on this since day one, as the tabloid implies.

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