Kim K’s Trainer Senada Greca Turns Heads In Beach Bikini Workout

Fitness trainer Senada Greca, the new fitness trainer of Kim Kardashian, is proving that you can get a good workout wherever you go, even if it’s on the beach in a little bikini!

The Zentoa founder slipped into a black bikini as she traveled to the beach, making sure to prove to her 4.4 million followers just how accessible fitness can be!

Kim Kardashian’s Fitness Trainer Senada Greca Hits The Beach In A Black Bikini

In one of her latest Instagram videos, the fitness trainer reminded her followers that they have no excuses when it comes to getting a good workout in! Senada moved through a series of exercises, starting with what she called a “Senada Get Up” before moving into dumbbell squat swings, lateral lunges with a press reverse lunge, and a plank with a front reach and a push-up!

“Strong Full Body Workout – perfect weekend, sweat it out workout,” she wrote in the caption. “Always up for combining a bit of sun with some of my favorite exercises. Beach workouts are a must-try. The simplest of movements will challenge you in a new way. Give it a try.”

Senada Greca beach bikini workout
Instagram | Senada Greca

Fans were in love with her latest workout video. “I’ve been following you for some time now and I can see significant changes in your muscle definition developing in front of our eyes. You are an inspiration,” one fan commented. “I may not see the same development at almost 59 but it won’t stop me from giving it a good old go.”

“I’m in awe of this,” another follower commented. “Love those Senada Get Ups,” another fan shared. “Very strong,” another follower wrote. “Grounding with earth is a plus,” another fan chimed in. “You are amazing,” another follower gushed. “How hot was that sand?” another fan asked. “Body goals,” another follower added as fans lit up her post with fire emojis.

Senada Shows Her Followers What She Eats In An Average Day

Senada Greca trains hard, which only means that she needs to fuel her body in the right way! She started out her video in a black bikini to show off her fit figure before she went through a video of all the food that she eats in a day. Although she mixes it up every day, she makes sure to get in plenty of water, plenty of protein, lots of green veggies, and berries. She also eats plenty of walnuts and almonds, but not daily.

In the video, she started off her morning with an egg and cheese omelet with greens and toast. For lunch, she had a tuna sandwich with greens. Later in the day, presumably after her workout, she ate her protein peanut butter chocolate ice cream slices. For dinner, she ate a lettuce-wrapped burger with salad and then finished off her day with mixed berries.

In the caption, she reminded her followers, “What I eat in a day / What a random day of eating looks like. Since many of you ask. Always remember that if we ate in the same way, our results might differ based on many other factors such as activity level and genetics. But… don’t allow limiting beliefs be excuses.”

Fans Love How Transparent And Authentic Senada Is!

Senada Greca shares what she eats in a day
Instagram | Senada Greca

Fans loved her transparency! “You model internal and external strength and beauty. You’re a beautiful soul! Thank you for sharing your self-development with everyone! Truly an inspiring woman!” one fan commented. “You’re so kind, love. Thank you,” Senada replied.

Other followers questioned how much of Senada’s body was just hard work and eating right. “Your muscles are made only of meals and exercise or they are something else?” one user asked. “Hey, love. I will let you know so that others don’t misguide you, that my body is 100% hard work and nutrition (genetic makeup is a plus for which I’m grateful),” Senada replied. “But I care too much about my long-term health to introduce anything else.”

Senada Greca poses with Kim Kardashian in Japan
Instagram | Senada Greca

Other fans were inspired by her workout videos. “I did your workout video this morning for the first time ever. I work out every day, however, I focus more on low impact…. Wow, what a workout though. I feel amazing and can’t wait to try another. You kill it.” Senada gave her fan some much-needed encouragement, responding, “Yes! Keep crushing it beauty!” alongside a flex emoji.

Interested in more Senada Greca content? In another recent Instagram post, she rocked a green bikini for a cold plunge before she hit the pool in an itty bitty brown bikini, putting her toned abs on full display for her fans, who can check out those steamy bikini snaps by clicking here!

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