Kindly Myers Is A ‘Knockout’ In A Sparkling ‘No Panty Gown’

Model Kindly Myers is getting ready for New Year’s Eve only the day after Christmas!

The former soldier and popular model shared a stunning video that featured her twirling around in a sparkling gown with a high slit that left fans “obsessed” with her latest look!

Kindly Myers and Her Sparkling ‘No Panty Gown’ Are Ready For New Year’s Eve!

In another recent Instagram video posted the day after Christmas, Kindly shared a short video clip set to the tune of Alicia Key’s hit song, “Girl On Fire.” In the video, the Nashville-based model shows off a long gown with a high collar that consists of lots of sparkling gems. The gems are placed throughout the whole outfit, which perfectly wraps around her curves.

She turns around for the camera, giving fans a view of the high slit under the dress. Fans get a quick peek of her sunned buns and her muscular legs as she casually tosses her wavy blonde hair over her shoulder. In the caption, Kindly wrote, “I can’t even with this gown. It’s so beautiful.” She tagged @amekanaboutique for fans anxious to know where they got the dress.

Kindly Myers in a sparkling dress
Instagram | Kindly Myers

“Someone is NYE ready!” one fan wrote. “It is very beautiful on you,” another follower added. “Stunning!” a third fan chimed in. “As gorgeous as it looks, it also appears to be a pretty good tripping hazard!” another follower teased. “I guess that’s a no panty gown,” another fan chimed in. “Looks good on you,” another fan shared.

“Perfect New Years Dress! What a KNOCKOUT!” another follower exclaimed. “Yes baby you are on fire,” another fan agreed. “Simply irresistible,” another follower chimed in. “Beautiful AND sexy,” another fan shared. “You are so stunningly gorgeous,” another follower commented. “You look like a princess,” another fan wrote while other followers called her a “goddess” and “simply perfect.”

Of course, this isn’t the only sultry display that Kindly has shared recently! It looks like she already has her dress all picked out for New Year’s Eve, but she also had a very seasonal outfit for Christmas in yet another fun video!

Kindly Is Keeping Up The Sultry Display With Festive Red Lingerie!

In another Instagram video, the “Babes In Toyland” host shared another video that featured her posing in front of her Christmas tree. She is wearing a bright red bra with lacy floral accents and seems to be having a great time as she tugs down the edge of her red pants and smiles at the camera.

In the caption, Kindly asked, “You like this one?” and tagged @lil_bees_bohemian for the stunning pants. Fans couldn’t stop gushing over her latest video, showering it with Santa and other festive emojis.

“I love your smile! You light up a room just by being there but when smile all men fall in love with you 😀 Yep, and women too!!!😀,” one fan commented. “So amazingly beautiful!” another follower exclaimed.

Kindly Myers dances in front of the Christmas tree in red pants and lingerie
Instagram | Kindly Myers

“Kindly. You do look so incredible in that outfit, it hugs you so warmly. Your natural beauty is always at the forefront and is a majestic sight, like all the sunsets have joined together to make something so beautiful, you. Take care and stay safe beautiful Kindly,” another fan wrote.

“That’s hot enough to beat the winters,” another follower teased. “You are a superstar!!! But the hair is spectacular!!!!” another fan chimed in. “You would look absolutely gorgeous in anything you wear,” another follower commented. “You are a total goddess,” another fan gushed.

“Beautiful as always,” another follower wrote. “Lawd Have Mercy,” another fan teased as fans lit up the post with red heart emojis to show their love for her stunning red outfit.

Kindly Myers in a funny Santa shirt on Christmas
Instagram Stories | Kindly Myers

She also took to her Instagram Stories on Christmas Day to share a selfie of her wearing a shirt that featured a graphic of Santa wearing sunglasses. The front of the shirt reads, “There’s some Ho’s in this house.”

Interested in more Kindly Myers content? In another recent Instagram post, the former soldier and popular model shared a few funny videos, including one that featured her posing in royal blue lingerie and “new boot goofin” outside the Christmas tree. Fans can check out that steamy seasonal display by clicking here!

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